Xiaomi MFB04M Rice Cooker 4L review: Versatile cooking tool!

April 10, 2023


  • Circular 300° annular viewing design
  • 4L food storage capacity
  • 7 different cooking modes
  • Mijia App support
  • Circular OLED display


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Xiaomi MFB04M Steaming Rice Cooker 4L

Xiaomi will carry forward its campaign to introduce innovative electric appliances to the world. Smart technology is an integral tool the company extends through its wide range of developments. In September last year, the Chinese organization took to the launch stage to reveal a raft of smart gadgets. Among others, the smart and transparent rice cooker was the iconic profile of the show. Today, this guide will dare to mull over the product to exhibit its various specs and configurations for customers. Continue reading if you need some assistance in the buying decision!

Xiaomi is one of the proclaimed and recognized technology brands in the global market. The new gem to enter the smart product portfolio of the company is the Xiaomi MFB04M Rice Cooker 4L. Its majestic cooking product reflects a transparent glass design and 7 cooking modes. The transparent design offers a 300-degree viewing window to make the scene more interesting. It also configures an OLED display, 4L food storage capacity, Mijia app support, long-lasting heat preservation, 860W-rated power and a stainless-steel steamer (1.6L).


Xiaomi Mijia Transparent Steaming Rice Cooker 4L

Let’s start the discussion with the external appearance and build quality of the product. Needless to say, the Chinese manufacturer shows an attentive approach while developing smart electric appliances & kitchenware items. In the case of the new rice maker, Xiaomi follows the same tendency to make the product more versatile, good-looking, and space-saving.

The physical assembly and appearance of the rice maker are simply fabulous in the high-grade glass and plastic material combination. It is a high-quality tempered borosilicate glass that looks quite impressive in the overall execution. The most notable thing is that it can bear the extremes of temperature (cold or hot) more confidently. The rice cooker adopts a cylindrical design and compact & space-saving physique. The top and bottom units are plastic-made, while the central part is transparent glass. Ultimately, users will enjoy 300° larger annular viewing windows to observe the cooking process in real-time.

The portable & transparent design is space-saving and gorgeous!

Furthermore, the top panel of the cooker configures a circular OLED display panel. It displays temperature and working mode etc. In terms of physical parameters, the cooking tool measures 280x298x248mm and weighs 5.4kg. However, the food storage capacity of the rice cooker is 4L.


Xiaomi Mijia Transparent Steaming Rice Cooker 4L

It will be a hard attempt to find a Xiaomi-made product without a display. The company always looks forward to extending users’ experience and this can be a great tool to succeed. Thankfully, the newly-arrived smart electric rice cooker also boasts a screen to make things more interesting and lucrative.

OLED display panel triggers more excitement!

On the top of the latest smart cooker is an OLED display panel. It shows a circular integration that pledges to showcase real-time monitoring of cooking data. Using this innovative panel, individuals can set a timer and choose a specific cooking mode.


4L food capacity storage

How much food can a rice cooker contain? Well, the capacity of the cooking machine can also be a serious matter of discussion for many users. Amidst the realm of nuclear families, there exist joint families as well whose foo,d requirements could vary. They might be satisfied with a piece with larger storage strength in a single go.

A larger storage capacity will serve larger families!

While analyzing the food storage capacity of the rice cooker, it is 4 liters, officially. The cooking equipment adopts a thickened transparent glass liner that accommodates 4L of food. The impressive thing is that the outer cover utilizes tempered high borosilicate glass. It shows the potential to combat extreme (hot & cold) temperatures. Meanwhile, the cooker also features a food-contact standard stainless steel steamer with a 1.6L capacity.


To be more proficient and forward during performance, the smart electric cooker yields some modern-age utility profiles. It endeavors to be an omnidirectional player by supporting multiple cooking modes. Foodies will have access to up to 7 facilities during meal preparation.

Multiple cooking modes will bring more flexibility and relief!

The smart rice cooker acknowledges 7 cooking modes to address whole-family cooking requirements. Individuals can utilize the cooker for various purposes, i.e., cook rice, porridge, slow cook, pure steam, stew soup, keep warm and yogurt.


It becomes even more charging and enticing when you’re able to control your device through your smartphone. Xiaomi considers this thing more promptly and strives to integrate these kinds of stuff to beat the competition.

Mobile app support is more convenient and fashionable!

Therefore, the smart rice cooker supports smart connectivity options to extend flexibility and liberty for users. They will have the privilege to connect the tool with a smartphone using the Mijia app. Well, wireless connectivity can be achieved through the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n technology. At the same time, the cooker also features an interactive NFC as well as 24-hour smart appointments.


It is no secret that Xiaomi’s latest steaming rice cooker looks charming and performance-oriented in terms of appearance and features. It is an innovative appliance to cater to users’ versatile cooking requirements. You will get a stylish transparent glass design with 300° annular visibility along with numerous smart technologies. It can give you an effortless cooking experience with 7 cooking modes, an OLED display panel and 4L food storage capacity. Also, people can connect the machine to a smartphone using the dedicated Mijia app. Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia MFB04M transparent steaming rice cooker 4L can be a good choice for food lovers with this price tag.

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  • High-quality glass and plastic ensure a tough build and captivating appearance in a portable and transparent design.
  • A smart ...
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