Ultenic D6s Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo review: Dynamic 3-in-1 floor-caring tool with solid controls!

April 10, 2023


  • 3000Pa powerful suction power
  • Remote and voice control
  • Ultenic App support
  • Long-lasting (120min) battery
  • 3-in-1 (mop, sweep, vacuum) operations


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Ultenic D6s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuums are undergoing a revolutionary era amidst the trending realms of technological advancements. It has appeared to be an efficient floor-cleaning tool in the modern age. Today’s markets can be seen overwhelmed by the endless range of smart robotics from diverse brands and manufacturers. The Ultenic is one such gem in the competition, with a huge list of proficient cleaning products in the portfolio. The latest D6s robot vacuum cleaner is a crucial entry with some enamoring specifications on the table. Detailing the D6s robot vacuum is this guide’s prime ambition to uncover its pros and cons.

The smart robot vacuum is a great invention with superior-class specifications and an enticing design. It is a fabulous machine that efficiently caters to users’ various cleaning needs. The portable and slim robot gains the ability to clean, mop and vacuum your floor simultaneously. It makes dual cleaning passes forth, back, and side to side for comprehensive cleaning. Further, the smart robot cleaner configures 3000Pa suction power, a no-go-zone setting, and a long-lasting 120min battery. Also, it shows excellent navigation, triple working modes, SonicTrue mopping, and multiple control systems.


Ultenic D6s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s have a confabulation on the physical development first before scanning the technical sheet. Ultenic is one of the few brands that pay serious emphasis on the external appearance and build quality of its products. This time, the company also extends the same inclination for the newer D6s vacuum cleaner to make it as fabulous and enticing as possible.

In terms of design and build, the smart robotic cleaner also advocates the traditional circular design, similar to many other machines on the market. The top surface misses the protrusion of the LIDAR navigation module. It is a flat canvas with the brand name mentioned in the red-colored circle. You can also see three (Home, Wi-Fi, Power) digital buttons on the top.

Ultra-portable design is slim and enticing!

Furthermore, the portable machine integrates a single-side brush. The appearance shows a glossy and ergonomic feel in high-grade build materials. With only a 2.9-inch ultra-slim body, the sweeper will go under the furniture without getting stuck. The physical dimensions of the Ultenic robot cleaner measure 33.5×33.5×7.4cm. It weighs 3.2kg.


Suction power is a critical parameter in evaluating a robot vacuum cleaner’s overall efficiency and productivity. In fact, it is a proficient ability smart vacuum cleaners come with to manage cleaning processes impeccably. These sorts of cleaning tools are configured and measured with powerful suction power to meet cleaning requirements deeply. The Ultenic machine also shares a strong profile in terms of suction to ensure deep cleaning.

Powerful suction means powerful performance!

With 3000Pa of suction power, the latest robot vacuuming tool appears to be an absolute integration to cater to diverse cleaning needs. The essential thing to mention is its stamina to perform three jobs simultaneously – Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Mopping. It will collect hair, dust, dirt, and other debris with more prominence for promising cleaning results. Carpets will be no obstacle since they can detect the carpet automatically to trigger deep and efficient floor cleaning. The 300ml water tank is there to support mopping and you can schedule the cleaning process as well.


2600mAh battery

How long does the Ultenic D6s robot cleaner work on every top-up? This would be one of the preliminary questions you might want to ask. Well, the in-hand device can be a fair deal in terms of battery performance. It snatches the ability and potential to trigger a good dose of working after every charging session.

High-capacity battery strives for more minutes!

In terms of power, the smart cleaner hosts a powerful 2600mAh battery under the hood to manage power requirements with confidence. On every single charge, it can work for approx. 120 minutes in quiet vacuuming and 60min in strong mode. The charging time, on the other hand, would be approx. 5 hours at the automatic charging station.

Carpet Boost

Automatic Carpet Boost

Carpet Boost is an innovative integration in the industry implemented by Ultenic in its latest invention. It derives incredible value when it comes to going over the carpet.

Carpet Boost is an innovative module for enticing performance!

Using the Automatic Carpet Boost technique, the smart cleaner rises up and strengthens the suction power after identifying a carpet. Ultimately, the maximum suction strength provides deeper carpet cleaning.


Flexible scheduling

Controlling is more amazing and potent, thanks to some leading types of controlling concepts. Ultenic has tried well to extend phenomenal freedom to users to control the machine through several advanced alternatives.

Controlling is effortless and delightful!

Individuals will have numerous platforms to control the smart robot vacuum cleaner. They can raise voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, users can opt for a remote controller as well as the Ultenic App for the same purpose.


Floor cleaning is truly a tough job in itself, especially for office-goers and families with children and pets. However, the trending concepts of smart robotic vacuum cleaners are pretty helpful in dealing with the problem. The Ultenic D6s robot vacuum cleaner is a stringent invention with high-tech configurations to combat stubborn cleaning affairs. It features the most sought-after facility of 3-in-1 cleaning to perform vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. Users will control the machine via word of mouth, app, and remote controller.

Moreover, the portable floor cleaner has 3000Pa suction power, automatic carpet boost, and up to 120min battery life. Overall, the smart robot vacuum looks efficient and it’s a formidable cleaning partner for all kinds of debris and dust.

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  • High-grade build aesthetics bring an elegant appearance and solid construction in a circular shape and stylish body.
  • 3000Pa ...
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