Baseus W15 TWS earphones review: Half-in-ear design and IP54 waterproof rating!

April 11, 2023


  • 13mm powerful audio drivers
  • Solid Bluetooth v5.2 wireless connectivity
  • Half-in-ear comfortable wearing design
  • Up to 25 hours of playback time
  • Touch control


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Baseus W15 TWS Earbuds

With smartphone makers ignoring the headphone jack, the wired & wireless earphone market continues to thrive rapidly. This tendency leads to an increase in the demand for earbuds among music lovers. Today, we have our hands on the Baseus W15 earbuds to conduct a detailed review. It is a superior package of technologies and elegant design to be a perfect pick for most people. In this dedicated review guide, readers will learn about various features, specifications and technical configurations. Continue reading!

The minimalistic design and comfortable wearing are two major prospects to note about Baseus W15. It is certainly designed for avid gamers and music lovers with state-of-the-art specs. Wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.2, a half-in-ear design, 25h battery life, 13mm dynamic drivers, and an efficient touch control panel. Also, the unit supports an IP54 waterproof rating to unlock more freedom and worthiness. You can drag yourself through the following independent sections to acquire more insights into the product.


Baseus W15 TWS Earphones

Let’s explore the earbuds physically to know how they will fit your preferences in terms of design and build. This is the basic parameter buyers can’t overlook while investing in a set of wireless earbuds. The physical construction can be a positive impact with the super minimalistic build. The product uses ABS & PC materials to confirm a durable and competent physique. It reflects nice aesthetics with a half-in-ear wearing style to lead the competition.

Half-in-ear wearing design is prevalent!

On the back of each earbud, there is an integrated touch panel. It offers good control over operations through gentle clicks. Both come with a little stem and a metal cap at the bottom. Meanwhile, the IP54 water-resistant capability will allow individuals to enjoy stress-free outdoor usage. Coming to the charging case is also managed well in the pocket-friendly construction. The vertical design has an openable lid on the top, along with the brand name on the front. Overall, the lightweight product weighs only 37.6g, and it measures 52x49x26mm.

Sound Quality

Baseus W15 TWS earphones

The very first two things you might be looking for in the pair of earbuds are the driver size and noise-cancellation technology. Baseus has endeavored well in this direction to load earphones with impressive configurations for better outcomes. However, it lacks ANC noise cancellation but unites another protocol to meet the same purpose.

Larger dynamic drivers are versatile and result-driven!

Avid listeners will get to grasp superior sound quality with the help of inbuilt 13mm moving coils. The pair is a proficient mechanism tasked with building desired sound production. It will initiate astonishing bass and crisp highs with a balanced approach to make your leisure time more entertaining. Listeners will collect excellent audio outputs and a fascinating music listening experience. Also the cordless earbuds also acknowledge the noise cancellation technology to enhance phone calls.


IPX54 Rating

Users will witness no hassle when it comes to connecting earbuds to gadgets, i.e., smartphones, tablets, etc. It is super easy to create connections. You simply need to open the charging case and take the earbuds out. The Bluetooth will turn on automatically and is ready for pairing. Make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on. You can tap on the earbuds mentioned in the list on your phone and that’s it.

Bluetooth connectivity will bring stability and efficiency!

What is the Bluetooth version you will get in Baseus W15? Well, the wireless earphones configure Bluetooth 5.2 technology. To enjoy seamless and stable connectivity, make sure you stay within a radius of 10m from your connected device. Meanwhile, users will witness higher transmission efficiency, more stable connections, and enhanced anti-interference.


330mAh battery

The best thing about wireless earbuds is that we can charge them multiple times to enjoy seamless operations. This is possible due to an inbuilt battery pack that varies from device to device. What is the power storage capacity of Baseus W15?

High-capacity battery will work longer!

Well, the power storage configurations of wireless earphones depend on a high-capacity battery. Individuals will see earbuds with an independent 35mAh (0.13Wh) battery. Listening to your favorite songs at a 70% volume level will last up to 5 hours. Similarly, the charging case encompasses a 330mAh (1.22Wh) battery to drastically improve the playback time. It will serve users with an extended life span of up to 25 hours at a 70% volume level. You’ll have a Type-C interface to support charging operations. The charging time is 1.5 hours.


When it comes to performing control operations, users will have something smoother and more reliable to undergo. Baseus wireless earbuds come studded with a touch control system on the back of each earbud. It requires only gentle taps to make things happen reliably and effortlessly.

The touch control panel is precise, faster and more accurate!

How to use touch control technology? Well, people can use the module for various purposes. When you tap any of the earbuds three times, it will activate voice assistant. Hence, you can play/pause the song, backward/forward the song, or answer/hang up the phone call by delivering respective taps.


Summing up the discussion, the latest Baseus W15 earbuds are promised to create and deliver good sound output. It is a nice development in a portable and pocket-friendly charging case and ultra-lightweight earbuds. 13mm driving coils and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity will make the device more noticeable. In terms of power performance, the charging case involves a 330mAh battery to take a working life of up to 25 hours. More significantly, Baseus earbuds can also be used outdoors stress-free, thanks to the IP54 waterproof rating. Overall, the wireless earphones look sturdy and fashionable, in addition to having performance-oriented features.

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