Lokmat Zeus Pro smartwatch review: Traditional design with modern configurations!

April 10, 2023


  • 1.6-inch IPS HD circular touch display
  • 22 sports modes
  • 24H heart rate and blood oxygen monitor
  • Bluetooth calling
  • 15-day battery endurance


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Lokmat Zeus Pro Smart Wristwatch

Lokmat can be another considerable brand in the smartwatch segment. It continues to consolidate its portfolio with some high-configuration devices for both men and women. One of the latest developments by Lokmat is the Lokmat Zeus Pro, and it is a must-consider wearable for good reasons. This is the dedicated piece of discussion to review the smartwatch more deeply to locate its strengths, limitations, etc., side by side. Buyers can stick to the debate until the end to acquire some valuable thoughts to end up with a great buy.

The new invention by Lokmat, Zeus Pro, is pretty special in many ways. It is stunningly gorgeous in terms of design and technical capabilities. The wearable comes with Bluetooth calling support, an inbuilt RTL8762DT chip, a circular dial with a 1.6” IPS screen, IP67 waterproof certification, and QWatch Pro app support. Additionally, the watch configures a 600mAh battery, Bluetooth 5.0, and numerous fitness, health, and sports modes. All in all, the Lokmat wristwatch feels no less than a premium device with high-tech specifications and enticing design aesthetics.


Lokmat Zeus Pro Smartwatch

It is no secret that the Lokmat Zeus Pro is an absolute challenge-taking device with a rigid build and fascinating exteriors. The manufacturer has assembled the wearable with special care to make it the perfect equipment for both men and women. Physically, the smartwatch exhibits a nice blend of appearance and construction to seem durable and competent.

Like many traditional wrist wearables, Lokmat’s latest launch also adopts a circular dial structure. It is extensively successful in wooing eyes at first sight with its charming build and chassis composition. Users will find dual buttons on the right side of the chassis that help manage multiple functions with ease.

The zinc alloy chassis is durable, stylish and appealing!

Further, it shows an exquisite and appealing look on the wrist with zinc alloy + plastic chassis and silica gel-made straps. The display of the watch is a 1.32-inch touchscreen on the front. There is a sensor unit on the bottom as well to contribute to the smartness of the watch. Another important factor is the waterproof body with an IP67 rating. It extends the flexibility and lets users wash their hands and move in the rain worry-free. Buyers will have two colors (Green & Black) options, and the watch weighs only 75g.


1.6-inch IPS display

Coming to the front side of the watch, it is magnificent to see the traditional circular dial arranged in the zinc alloy chassis. In fact, the circular dial profile is everlasting, and it continues to trend in the ever-fierce competition. It is one of the top-selling points of the smartwatch, certainly. A customized UI interface and several watch dials are another notable addition.

IPS touchscreen triggers a larger viewing area and sharp visuals!

The latest invention, the Lokmat wristwatch, demonstrates a lucrative appearance in the traditional circular display design. Individuals will have access to a 1.6-inch TFT IPS HD touchscreen in the middle. The display comprises many beneficial modules to improve users’ overall experience. It comes to deliver a 400x400p resolution and 400 PPI pixels density for great visuality and vibrance. Lokmat has enlarged the visual area of the display as compared to its previous developments.


24-hours health tracker

This is the segment to showcase the smartness of the wrist wearable. The smartwatch advocates a good pool of smart technologies to be more than just a timepiece. It comes studded with several fitness and health sensors to be your perfect companion and fitness coach on the field. In terms of health sensors, people will enjoy the assistance of a 24H Heart Rate Tracker, Sleep tracker, blood oxygen monitor, and blood pressure measurement.

A range of sports & health sensors brings more solace and productivity!

Additionally, sports lovers will also have something to reap with 22 prominent sports modes. They are aligned to improve overall productivity and yield across diverse indoor and outdoor fields. Cycling, Basketball, Yoga, Mountaineering, Badminton, Aerobics, Tennis, Football, Kayaking, Volleyball, Rowing machines, Golf, etc., are some of the key sports activities it tracks performance.



It becomes of great significance when you acquire the facility of connecting your watch with external gadgets. Almost all smart technology manufacturers rely on this principle and come up with trending provisions in their products.

Wireless connectivity unlocks more freedom and flexibility!

In the case of Lokmat’s professional smartwatch, individuals will have the privilege to connect the watch with other devices, i.e., smartphones, etc. For this, it will have the facility of Bluetooth 5.0 and the QWatch Pro app. Additionally, the wearable is compatible with Android (4.4 or later) and iOS (8.2 or later) channels as well.


Lokmat Zeus Pro Smartwatch

When it comes to checking the power endurance of the Lokmat Zeus Pro watch, it is another promising sector to gain satisfactory performance. The lithium polymer battery takes the responsibility of managing power requirements smartly to conduct longer working sessions.

Polymer lithium battery offers enhanced stamina and autonomy!

The wearable shows great prowess in the power zone thanks to the inbuilt 600mAh power storage capacity. It will take 2h of charging before supporting functions for up to 15 days (standby) and 5 days (Bluetooth calling). The device supports a magnetic charging interface.


In verdict, the Lokmat Zeus Pro wristwatch is a superb amalgamation of performance-oriented configurations and exquisite design. One can get hands-on with it by following efficient health & fitness management capabilities, high battery endurance, and reliable connectivity. Enthusiasts will capture multiple watch dials, a customizable UI interface, a 1.6” IPS HD display, and a plethora of sports modes. Overall, the smart wrist wearable seems a stringent option for those who are looking for a worthwhile watch in the given price category.

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