Xiaomi 10 Pro Receives MIUI 14 Stable Update

April 4, 2023

According to news on April 3, Xiaomi 10 Pro recently launched an update to the stable version of MIUI 14. The update’s download size is 4.0GB, and it is based on the Android 13 major version. Chinese users have already started receiving the update and are providing positive feedback about its features and capabilities.

Xiaomi 10 Pro

Xiaomi 10 Pro Details

Xiaomi 10 Pro has Snapdragon 865 chipset, LPDDR5 memory, WiFi 6, UFS 3.0 storage, and a 100 million-pixel camera. Furthermore, it features a 90Hz customized AMOLED curved screen. It also has a 4500mAh battery and 50W fast charging technology. The phone can be fully charged in just 45 minutes.

Xiaomi 10 Pro

The new MIUI 14 update brings several enhancements to the phone, including the Photon Engine architecture that accelerates both system and third-party applications. This not only makes the phone run smoothly but also more power-efficient. The update includes an enhanced privacy feature. It conducts all processing locally and doesn’t upload data to the cloud. This covers over 30 scenarios. In addition, family services have been upgraded, allowing users to share various services with loved ones.

Xiaomi 10 Pro

Xiaomi 10 Pro

The update makes the phone feel new again. It streamlines the system and uses less memory. This ensures that the phone remains fast even with prolonged use. The new personalized visual interface also brings significant changes, making it more user-friendly and appealing.

Xiaomi had previously announced the third batch plan for MIUI 14, which is scheduled to be released one by one from the end of April 2023. This batch includes a range of Xiaomi and Redmi devices, including the MIX FOLD, Xiaomi 10 Ultra Commemorative Edition, Xiaomi Civi, Redmi K60E, and Redmi Note 11 5G.

Xiaomi 10 Pro

The MIUI 14 update for Xiaomi 10 Pro is a welcome development for users of the phone, as it brings significant enhancements to its performance and features. The positive feedback from Chinese users indicates that this update will be well-received globally. Xiaomi continues to make strides in the smartphone market. The new MIUI 14 update is yet another indication of the company’s commitment to providing its users with the best possible experience.

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