Huawei 5G Communication Phone Case for P60 Series

April 4, 2023

The Huawei 5G Communication Phone Case for the P60 series was spotted in a telecom product library, priced at 799 yuan. The P60 series was recently launched and is available for purchase, including a special 5G module version.

Huawei 5G Communication Phone Case

Features of Huawei P60 Series 5G Communication Phone Case

The 5G communication Phone case has a UDX710 chip (Cortex-A55) with a 1350 MHz main frequency. It supports FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, and 5GNR (Sub-6) networks and has a USB-C interface. Its dimensions are 167.5 × 77.8 × 13.8mm, and it weighs 53.5g. The case is an easy-to-use solution for 4G phone users who want to enjoy the 5G internet experience.

Huawei 5G Communication Case

Suyuan Technology released the world’s first 5G communication phone case in May last year, priced at 799 yuan, supporting the Huawei P50. It enabled 4G phones to support 5G via eSIM technology. The new 5G case for the Huawei P60 series is similar but with better chip and network support.

Huawei 5G Communication Case

Users can easily install the Huawei P60 series 5G communication phone case and activate the eSIM service to enjoy 5G. The phone’s main card and the 5G case’s eSIM network signal will integrate and display in the signal bar, avoiding confusion.

Huawei 5G Communication Case

The previous generation 5G communication phone case that supported the Huawei P50 Pro was equipped with a dual-core 1.35 GHz chip, supporting 3GPP R15 and the following frequency bands:

SA: N1, N3, N41, N77/78, N79, and N28

NSA: B3 + N41, B3 + N78, B3 + N79, B1 + N78, B39 + N41, B41 + N79, B39 + N79, B5 + N78, and B8 + N78

Huawei 5G Communication Case

Furthermore, netizens are stirred by Huawei’s new 5G case. Some are excited, while others have concerns about cost and compatibility. There are also concerns about Huawei’s future due to US sanctions and trade bans impacting the company’s supply chain.

Huawei 5G Communication Case

Despite concerns, Huawei is a leading smartphone manufacturer with innovative products. Therefore, the 5G case for the Huawei P60 series is expected to attract buyers eager for 5G benefits. With its user-friendly design and improved features, the case is set to be popular among fans and tech enthusiasts.

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