Xbox Launches Game Pass (XGP) Friends & Family Subscription Plan

March 31, 2023

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to launch a new subscription plan for its popular gaming service, Xbox Game Pass. The new plan, called the Xbox Game Pass(XGP) Friends & Family, was first exposed in August of last year but has yet to receive an official launch date. However, a recent discovery on the Xbox Dashboard by a netizen has provided new information on the subscription plan.

XGP Friends & Family

XGP Friends & Family

A source shared a screenshot revealing that the Xbox Game Pass(XGP) Friends & Family subscription plan costs $39.95 per month. This is higher than the $14.99 per month cost of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription plan. The Friends & Family plan allows up to five people to enjoy the benefits of the Ultimate subscription. These benefits include access to new games, exclusive member discounts, and free perks like in-game content and partner offers.

The Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription plan is advantageous as it allows up to five separate accounts to share benefits. Moreover, the accounts can be used on PC, Xbox, and cloud gaming platforms both inside and outside the household. Additionally, the plan includes an EA Play membership and guarantees same-day releases for Xbox Game Studios games.

Due to its ability to be shared with up to five people, the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription plan is expected to be appealing to groups of friends or families. As a result, it offers affordable access to popular games and exclusive content.

The Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription plan is a promising addition to the service. It offers many benefits and is likely to attract a new audience of gamers. Microsoft hasn’t announced an official launch date yet, but it’s expected to be available soon due to recent advertisement on the Xbox Dashboard.


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