Netflix Restructures Film Department, Reduces Production Output

March 31, 2023

Netflix announced a film department restructuring and production output reduction. The company will merge departments, resulting in some layoffs, including two executives. The announcement was made on the morning of March 31.

Lisa Nishimura and Ian Brick are two executives affected by the restructuring. Nishimura oversaw stand-up comedy, documentaries, and low-budget films. Brick worked for Netflix for over a decade, producing “Kissing Booth” and collaborating with filmmakers.


The restructuring is part of Netflix’s efforts to focus its resources on improving the quality of its films and shows. Netflix has produced more original films recently than any Hollywood company, with over 50 projects in production each year. However, the company’s film head, Scott Stuber, is trying to reduce output and concentrate on creating a more curated slate of movies.

Despite the restructuring, Netflix remains committed to producing high-quality original content. The company has already won several Oscars for its films, such as “The Front Runner” for Best International Feature Film this year. Additionally, movies like “Enola Holmes 2: The Glass Onion” have attracted tens of millions of viewers. However, many more films are released with little fanfare and then quietly disappear.

Social reaction

The restructuring has generated mixed reactions among critics and industry insiders. Some see it as a necessary step to ensure that Netflix maintains its position as a leader in streaming entertainment. Others worry that the company’s focus on quality over quantity may result in a dearth of content and ultimately damage its bottom line.

In conclusion, Netflix’s restructuring of its film department and reduction in film production output will result in a few layoffs, including the departure of two long-serving executives. The move is part of the company’s strategy to concentrate on producing higher-quality films and shows. While the decision has been met with mixed reactions, Netflix remains committed to creating original content that resonates with audiences.

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