GitHub Cuts Over 100 Engineering Positions in India

March 29, 2023

GitHub, Microsoft’s code hosting platform, has eliminated more than 100 engineering positions in India as part of a team streamlining effort, according to reports from sources familiar with the matter. The company notified affected employees of the layoffs on Tuesday, as it seeks to reduce its workforce by about 10% by the end of March.

A GitHub spokesperson said the restructuring was necessary to protect the company’s short-term health and enable it to invest in long-term strategies. The cuts are part of a larger plan announced in February, which also includes the closure of GitHub’s operations in non-core markets and a refocusing of resources on core businesses.

The move comes as Microsoft seeks to position GitHub as a key player in the developer community and expand its reach globally. GitHub, which has more than 56 million users, is a leading platform for software developers to collaborate and share code.

However, the layoffs have sparked concern and criticism online, with some questioning Microsoft’s commitment to its employees and the Indian market. Many have also expressed disappointment with the lack of transparency and communication from GitHub about the layoffs.

Some have suggested that the layoffs may be due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Indian market, with companies looking to cut costs and streamline operations. However, others argue that GitHub’s decision to cut jobs in India may have long-term consequences for the company’s growth and reputation in the region.

Despite the controversy, GitHub remains a popular platform for developers worldwide, and Microsoft’s commitment to the platform and its users is unlikely to wane. The company has continued to invest in new features and services, including GitHub Actions, a workflow automation tool, and GitHub Packages, a package management service.


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