Xiaomi won 50 million users of Huawei, while Apple got 20 million users

February 11, 2023

Gone are the days when Huawei was the world’s second-largest smartphone maker after Samsung. Now, this company doesn’t have a noticeable market share. But we guess this company will still have a say. Anyway, once it left the premium smartphone market, there was a big gap. This made many China-based first-tier smartphone makers launch top-notch products one after another. They have indeed achieved some results. Xiaomi was no exception. Moreover, it benefited the most.

Xiaomi lost millions of users

At the Xiaomi Investment Day yesterday, Lu Weibing, president of the Group, said that the Xiaomi brand TOM (Top of Mind) continued to improve. Its preference among high-end consumers accounted for 13%. In the past three years, Huawei has lost 80 million users, of which 50 million have gone to Xiaomi, and 20 million have gone to Apple. Honor got the rest 10 million.

According to the data recently released by Canalys, in the global smartphone market last year, the first and second brands were Samsung and Apple. Among them, Samsung’s share was increased from 20% to 22%. Apple captured 19% of the market in comparison to the last year’s 17%. Xiaomi’s share was 13%, down 1 percentage point from last year. It still ranked third.

Except for Samsung and Apple, the shares of smartphone manufacturers have actually declined. It is related to the global smartphone market.

Lu Weibing said that due to various reasons, such as currency depreciation, chip shortage, and intensified competition, the global smartphone market declined by 12% in 2022. The Chinese market was declined by 13%.

However, Xiaomi continues expanding its business worldwide. Xiaomi Home will continue to expand this year; Xiaomi cars will usher in; the brand image will also be upgraded. It is going to open more stores in the second half of 2023.


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