Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2S released at 299 yuan ($44)

February 19, 2023

Today, Xiaomi officially launched the brand new Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S at a price of 299 yuan ($44). This walkie-talkie has the following four main selling points:

  • Thin and light body;
  • 4W transmission power;
  • 120 hours long standby time;
  • Large 1.77-inch color screen.

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2S

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2S highlights

The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S uses a large 1.77-inch color screen and a 36mm large speaker unit. The thickness of the body is only 15mm, and the weight of the whole machine is only 130 grams. It also comes with Type-C and 3.5mm interfaces.

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2S

Xiaomi provides a variety of custom functions for it. For instance, it can connect to a Bluetooth headset and FM radio mode. So you can use it to listen to the radio in your spare time and enjoy the joy of FM87-108MHz. In terms of pairing, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S can quickly synchronize all channels to multiple walkie-talkies at one time.

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2S

In addition to the most common 20 long-distance channels, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S also supports up to 80 custom channels. The frequency of each custom channel can also be set independently. In addition, the Walkie-Talkie 2S uses 4W transmission power. It can cover 10,000m² shopping malls or 1-5km of urban areas for calls. It and is suitable for restaurants, hotels, park properties, security, and other scenarios.

In other aspects, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 2S has added the function of writing frequency on the walkie-talkie and batch configuration. It supports independent frequency writing, mobile phone frequency writing, and air copying. This product also has an IP54 protection level.

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2S

There is a built-in 2190mAh capacity lithium battery, which can achieve 120 hours of long-lasting standby or 15 hours of continuous use.

Of course, this walkie-talkie also supports Xiaomi smart control. You can manage the walkie-talkie on your mobile phone through the Xiaomi walkie-talkie app, set up groups, configure related functions, etc.

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