Mijia released new water heater for all types of houses

February 6, 2023

Today, Xiaomi launched another amazing product in its wide category of home appliances. The Mijia Smart Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater 16L S1 will start crowdfunding at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Youpin on February 8. The crowdfunding price is 1799 yuan ($265), while the retail price will be 2299 yuan ($339).

The installation of the Mijia Smart Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater 16L S1 does not require changing the pipes in the home. So you can install it with or without a return pipe. It supports two installation methods completed but with no return pipe and with a return pipe.

The water heater adopts Mijia’s self-developed 6-layer 3D noise reduction technology. Also, it comes with an air inlet muffler, noise reduction and sound-absorbing cotton, fan turbine optimization, 16 rows of broadband combustion components, joint surface sealing design, etc. The product has obtained CCLC and CQC certification level 1 technical specifications.

Key features of the new Mijia water heater

The Mijia Smart Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater 16L S1 adopts 16 rows of burners with a four-section design. It comes with a broadband constant temperature technology, precise temperature control of ±0.5°C, DC inverter fan, wind resistance greater than 350Pa, and can withstand strong winds of level 9.

Mijia water heater

It is worth mentioning that the water heater is equipped with a high-performance supercharged engine, with a lift of 9 meters and a waterway of 100 meters. So you can easily use it in old houses and high-rise buildings.

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In terms of functional experience, the new Mijia product supports four custom zero-cold water modes. They include scheduled preheating, water-controlled preheating, one-key preheating, and linkage preheating.

We are dealing with a Xiaomi smart home product. So it’s logical that the product supports Mijia multi-device interconnection.

In other aspects, the water heater has a quadruple antibacterial purification system. It can intercept impurities in water and has an antibacterial protection rate as high as 99%.

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