Mijia H03ZM Smart Kitchen Treasure 7L S1 review: Compact design with 2000W power and app support!

February 13, 2023


  • Higher 2000W-rated power
  • Compact and portable design
  • Mijia App and XiaoAi voice control
  • Up to 99.9% antibacterial rate
  • 24-hour hot water preservation


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Mijia H03ZM Smart Kitchen Treasure 7L S1

Extending its product foil further, the Chinese tech giant has just introduced another smart gadget in the local market. It is a smart kitchen appliance intended to meet the hot water requirements of the whole family. The Mijia H03ZM Smart Kitchen Treasure 7L S1 is now available for sale in China. It is a high-value product with several beneficial specifications to make life easier. This guide will elaborate on various technical configurations and features of the device to give you a precise idea about the development.

It is now globally accepted that Xiaomi is one of the leading technology brands in the smart product domain. There are plenty of sub-brands in Xiaomi’s eco-system to cater to the diverse needs of consumers with relevant solutions. This time, the Chinese manufacturer has appeared with another unique integration dubbed Xiaomi Mijia H03ZM Smart Kitchen Treasure 7L S1. It offers superior hot water solutions with 2000W power, silver-ion antibacterial technology, Mijia app support, voice commands, and many other specs. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of the same!


Xiaomi H03ZM Smart Kitchen Treasure 7L S1

When it comes to exploring Xiaomi’s kitchen appliances, we are likely to witness compact and portable devices most of the time. The company understands customers’ requirements with close prominence and tries to manufacture and export relevant products. Thanks to the portable, slim, lightweight construction, one can install kitchen appliances anywhere in the kitchen.

As far as the new smart water heater is related, it is also a pure reflection of creativity and vigilance. Physically, the smart kitchen treasure successfully delivers the desired look and value. It is highly impressive with exceptional design aesthetics imported in the small-sized and durable physique. In terms of exteriors, the smart water heater appears glossier, exquisite, and more elegant in white paint. You will find the machine measuring only 260x460x340mm (10.2×18.1×13.4 inch), and it makes a comfortable fit under the sink.

The compact and portable design is perfect for under-sink installation!

Further, the smart kitchen appliance comes in a cylindrical shape. It shows rounded corners on all sides, adding more attraction to the overall personality. The unit comprises a circular display panel on the front as well to show temperature etc., in real-time. Internally, the device unites a dense polyurethane insulation layer to ensure 24-hour heat preservation. Overall, the Xiaomi electric water heater is perfectly ideal for accommodating the hot water requirements of the whole family.


Xiaomi H03ZM Smart Kitchen Treasure 7L S1

Power consumption is a critical concern for electric appliances. Manufacturers always keep reliable notions in mind while assigning power capabilities to a specific product. Xiaomi’s latest smart kitchen water heater utilizes a good dose of power to generate impressive performance for users. When we consider the power requirements of the heater, the latest gadget pledges to deliver faster heating provision, thanks to 2000W-rated power.

High-rated power will produce high-level results!

Additionally, the smart gadget comprises intelligent controls as well to be the finest deal. 2000W is a promising volume of electric power to support the machine in heating the water speedily. It triggers the required stamina for the heater to obtain up to 42L of hot water continuously. What makes the picture more interesting is its power-saving approach. The product is supposed to save up to 100kWh of electricity annually. As per the Chinese standards, this gadget is rated as Level 1 energy efficient.


Manual on and off switch

How to control the Xiaomi Mijia smart kitchen water heater? This is the segment in which the Chinese brand never lacks behind its competitors. It publishes the machine with some innovative creations to help you manage operations with ease. Individuals will have popular and easy-to-use modules to control the smart water heater.

App and voice control is something unbelievable!

Firstly, users will have access to the Mijia App. It helps them set the timer and manage other functions effortlessly. Secondly, people can also proceed manually to switch on/off the machine. Another creative prospect is the provision to control the heater with XiaoAi voice commands. The water heater can also be connected to other smart gadgets, i.e., a humidity meter, smart door lock, etc., to extend convenience and freedom.


24 hour hot water

Furthermore, the Xiaomi electric water heater integrates an inbuilt waterproof liner to prevent water leakage. Thanks to the dense polyurethane insulation layer, users will enjoy up to 24-hour hot water preservation. At the same time, the heater acknowledges the silver ion antibacterial technology to ensure up to a 99.9% antibacterial rate.

Efficient antibacterial rate and safety parameters produce more confidence!

Additionally, the smart heater lists some safety parameters as well to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness. Customers will witness remarkable facilities and secure operations due to the prevention of water leakage and electric shock.


Needless to say, the latest Xiaomi Mijia H03ZM smart 7L S1 water heater is an impressive hot water solution for the whole family. It is designed and assembled innovatively to produce more value with fewer efforts. The portable machine can give you 42L of hot water continuously. Meanwhile, it is said to save you up to 100kWh of electricity every year. Using the silver-ion technology, the product offers up to a 99.9% antibacterial rate. Users can control the smart heater through XiaoAi voice commands and the Mijia app. In conclusion, the smart kitchen treasure can be a worthwhile choice to serve the whole family efficiently.

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  • High-quality build intends to bring the attractive design in a portable and durable physique with white-color paint.
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