Tips to make your Xiaomi smartphone more pleasant to use

January 26, 2023

Every smartphone brand has its tricks. So it’s impossible to know about all of those functions and features. Xiaomi devices are no exception. Of course, not all functionalities are useful or can be used daily. But those we use every day can be configured properly to make the process of use more pleasant.

Lock screen

What do you see when your smartphone screen is locked but active? Most often, these are various pictures, news, advertising or other useless information. This can be fixed by:

  • Go to settings;
  • Head to “Lock Screen”;
  • Find the “Wallpaper carousel” item;
  • Change the position of the slider.

Now you can set the wallpaper you want on the lock screen, and you will no longer see incomprehensible news, strange articles, etc. There is one point worth considering. These changes are not available for all devices.

Unlocking sound

You can set a sound when unlocking the phone. Here it is important to understand that these settings make changes to system files. So you should act strictly according to the instructions. In general, such changes require root rights, which are not difficult to obtain. However, manufacturers claim that this should be done only as a last resort. So, if you have access to the file system, you can change the unlock sound:

  • Go to the file manager;
  • Find the “System” folder;
  • Go to the “Media” folder and to “Audio”;
  • Find the “UI” tab and the Unlock.ogg file in it;
  • Delete this file and paste the file with the sound you need when unlocking.

MIUI ads Xiaomi

There are important conditions under which the settings will work. First, the sound file should be converted to OGG format. Second, the name of the file you will upload should be the same as the system file, i.e., Unlock.ogg. After you replace the system sound with your own, the device should be rebooted. Only after that, the sound will change.

Watch style

Every smartphone has a clock on its unlock screen. It is useful. But it can also become beautiful. You can change the style of this clock through MIUI settings. Choose a design and install a new clock. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to device settings;
  • Select the “Lock screen” item;
  • Click “Clock Style”;
  • Choose a clock face and click on it.

Everything is ready.


On Xiaomi devices (as well as on Redmi and POCO) with an AMOLED display, there is an option that will signal that your smartphone has received a message. For example, the screen will pulsate. You can choose the animation, disable the option, or customize it to your liking.

For this:

  • Go to settings;
  • Go to the item “Active screen and lock”;
  • Select “Message effect”;
  • Configure it or select the “No” option if you want to disable this option.

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There are a few more functions that should be configured for more comfortable use of the Xiaomi smartphone:

  1. “In your pocket” is a mode that will protect you from accidentally pressing the screen.
  2. When Bluetooth Unlock is enabled, the device will automatically turn on when other synced devices, such as a watch, speaker, etc., are nearby.
  3. The smartphone will “come to life” if you take it into your hands. For this, there are corresponding options for the
  4. You can place shortcuts on the lock screen for quick access to apps or notifications.
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