Xiaomi Youpin Shunzao H100 Pro High Temperature Smart Scrubber review: 7500Pa suction and 3 cleaning modes!

February 19, 2023


  • Circular LED screen
  • 7500Pa efficient suction
  • 3 types of water tanks
  • 4000mAh powerful battery


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Xiaomi Shunzao H100 Pro Smart Scrubber

The domain of smart floor-cleaning tools has registered exponential growth, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. People are now more particular about their health and want to keep enhanced sanitation in the home and surrounding environment. Therefore, the demand for smart vacuum cleaners and moppers has increased magnificently worldwide. Today, we are here to take a deep look into such a product dubbed Xiaomi Youpin Shunzao H100 Pro smart scrubber. A detailed review of the device will make you more informed and attentive while buying one.

Before we dive into the detailed feature analysis, let’s consume a quick overview first. Xiaomi’s Shunzao H100 Pro vacuum cleaner is a three-in-one floorcare device. Users will enjoy washing, mopping and vacuuming simultaneously. The portable machine is gorgeous to see physically in a compact and lightweight physique. People will see a 3L larger water tank that has the stamina to hold hot (up to 81 degrees C) water with one click. In terms of other beneficial specs, the vacuum cleaner equips a 7500Pa suction power, a 4000mAh battery, automatic brush cleaning, and a 780ml clean water tank.


Xiaomi Youpin Shunzao H100 Pro

Investigating the physical build and external appearance can be beneficial before moving to the technical parts. Similar to many other Xiaomi vacuum cleaners, the in-hand device also exhibits a fascinating look but in a bit bulkier size. The vertical concept will also proceed with this development to make the product more versatile and easier to use.

In terms of build quality, the handheld vacuum cleaner is majestic to see in superior ABS and metal material combinations. Users will get sleek and glossy design aesthetics around the invention. It will help the machine to work ergonomically across diverse situations.

Portable & vertical design will attract convenient operations!

Further, the manufacturer has strived again to place an LED screen integration on the top of the storage bin. The bottom panel appears good with the primary brush, the water tank and the dustbin. On the top, the smart scrubber brings a simple yet fabulous-looking handle to hold and operate the unit. What allures additionally is the white-black color combination.


Circular LED display

We already have discussed in many of our previous reviews that Xiaomi always tries to integrate a display screen on its smart gadgets. It magnifies overall productivity, eventually adding attractiveness. The latest development also succeeds in snatching such a provision to serve users with more proficiency.

LED screen panel shows performance data in real time!

Well, the Xiaomi smart scrubber contains an LED screen placed on the top of the dustbin in a circular shape. This is a clearer and sharper display to look vibrant with the overall presentation and make the working more joyful. This unit’s major focus and job are to trigger various functional data in real time. People will get to know the battery status, working mode and other critical information for improved results.


Xiaomi Youpin Shunzao H100 Pro

Coming to the main capability and job profile, Xiaomi’s latest Shunzao H100 Pro vacuum cleaner is dedicated to managing cleaning duties efficiently with massive suction and different working modes. Performance-wise, the new scrubber comes studded with an amazing level of suction to prominently manage mild to critical cleaning tasks. It features 7500Pa suction that can be graded impressive as compared to other cleaning counterparts in the market. It promises to deliver efficient floor-cleaning results.

Powerful suction will help generate efficient results!

Furthermore, one of the scrubber’s biggest and most noticeable qualities is that it can mop, wash and vacuum concurrently. Individuals will operate the machine by switching to water absorption mode, Automatic Mode, and Power Mode. Hence, it becomes ideal for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. The machine integrates electrolyzed water sterilization technology. It promises to kill 99.9% of ground bacteria. Also, it can clean up to 200m2 of area efficiently.


3 water tanks

Moreover, the latest smart scrubber by Xiaomi also integrates efficient tank management to support overall functionality and performance. The machine configures several tanks, including a 3L base station water tank, a 780ML clean water tank, and a 640ML sewage tank.

The three-tank profile is attractive and result-oriented!

Collectively, the vacuum cleaner will be able to manage different needs impeccably. The scrub machine adopts a roller brush as well to meet cleaning procedures remarkably. It has the self-cleaning ability to clean the tools automatically without human intervention.


4000mAh battery

Regarding the power storage capability, Xiaomi’s new smart scrubber lacks nothing in endurance. These types of developments come with good rechargeable battery profiles. It is a crucial tool to examine while choosing from a range of devices in the competition.

A long-lasting battery will work impressively!

You’ll witness no disappointment in the case of the Shunzao H100 Pro vacuum cleaner. The power circuit of the floor-cleaning machine depends on the 4000mAh battery. After getting the device with a 100% battery mark, you’ll be able to operate the machine for 35min. The charging time is approx. 4 hours, however.


In the nutshell, the latest smart scrubber (H100 Pro) by Xiaomi appears truly impressive both in terms of physical assembly and technical features. You can monitor real-time performance data through the LED display. More significantly, the scrubber comes with a 3-in-1 mechanism to manage washing, mopping and vacuuming simultaneously. It also features electrolyzed water sterilization to remove ground bacteria up to 99.9%. Moreover, the machine will operate 35min on every charge, thanks to the 4000mAh battery. 780ML clean water and 640ML sewage water tanks will meet different needs. All in all, the new Xiaomi Youpin Shunzao H100 Pro smart scrubber can be worth buying, given the specs sheet and performance.

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