Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim review: Handheld machine with five-stage filtration and 100K RPM motor!

January 11, 2023


  • 45-minute battery life
  • Efficient 5-stage filtration
  • 100K RPM high-speed brushless motor
  • Unique gun-shaped posture


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Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim

The smart vacuum cleaner industry has undergone rapid evolutions during the recent era. Buyers come to see an unimaginable range of technical devices that are competent to handle floor-cleaning requirements efficiently. Being one of the leading manufacturers, Xiaomi always has the edge over the competition with an extended product portfolio. This is the Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim review that is designed to learn deeply about the machine. Readers will get to know various qualities, specs and technical configurations before deciding on the final deal.

Technically, the Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim appears to have a good composition of design and specs. It gives a glimpse of the unique gun-shaped design and performance-driven features of the same equipment. The handheld vacuum cleaner exhibits a lightweight, portable, but durable physique in the vertical design. It unites 1+3 brush head combinations to cater to diverse cleaning needs. Moreover, the floor cleaning machine comes with a 7-cone cyclone separation design, a high-speed (100000RPM) brushless motor, an electric soft velvet floor brush, and five lithium batteries. Ultimately, users are likely to witness up to 99.97% effectiveness with low-noise operations and smoother functioning.


Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim

Let’s kickstart the debate with the appearance and build first. Like many other previous integrations, Xiaomi implements the same approach to construct the Mijia handheld vacuum cleaner. The prime notification is the portable physique which is easy to handle and operate. The involvement of the unique gun-shaped design is another notable profile with a flat panel integrated on the top side.

The portable and unique gun-shaped design brings more excitement!

In terms of external appearance, the latest vacuum cleaner looks more vibrant and impressive in handheld usability. It gives a distinct gun-shaped design aesthetics integrated near the main filtration system. In the vertical integration, the portable device looks gorgeous, durable and easier to use. The physical assembly of the machine utilizes high-grade ABS plastic and metal materials. The white color body is excellent to see and it also matches the home decor very well. On the top unit, it hosts the main filter fitted along with the dustbin. You can also see an operational button near the main unit.


high-speed 100k RPM motor

In the zone of performance, the handheld machine gains the dexterity to fear its competitors well. The integrated motor is the core point of strength for any battery-operated machine. It pushes all the processes with the required degree of potential to create the intended cleaning results. Thankfully, Xiaomi’s new vacuum cleaner acquires a prominent motor with good speed and efficiency.

A high-speed brushless motor ensures impressive effectiveness!

For the portable vacuum cleaner, the prime hub of power is the high-speed motor. It is an integrated brushless motor with high-tech profiles to be a superior acknowledgment for the machine. At its peak operational prowess, the motor can attain up to 100,000 rotations per minute. At the same time, the motor isn’t that heavy in weight, and the lightweight unit will keep the overall body weight lighter. Another promising module Xiaomi has added to the column is the 7-cone cyclone separation design. It intends to separate dust and airflow efficiently to stun your overall experience with the vacuum cleaner.


Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim

What makes a significant impact is the important and efficient filtration system. In fact, it is a critical aspect of any cleaning tool that manages operations more smoothly and efficiently. Xiaomi has already built multiple relevant floor-cleaning devices with a strong filtration system. Again, the brand is striving enthusiastically for the new product by focusing on the unique filtration mechanism.

The five-stage filtration system is more lucrative and result-centric!

Therefore, the main utility is the 5-stage filtration system that comes fitted with a portable body. It pledges to generate efficient cleaning with an effective degree of up to 99.97%. The unit is greatly capable of filtering fine dust particles across diverse departments to bring reliable cleaning solutions.


Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim

Smart vacuum cleaners depend on proficient battery integrations. The same can be said for the latest Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim by Xiaomi. It will move with confidence to cover wider areas on every top-up.

Lithium batteries always reflect more tenacity and competency!

The power storage capacity of the handheld vacuum cleaner consists of five lithium-ion batteries. It is pledged to fascinate users with up to 45 minutes of operations on every single charge. Eventually, people are likely to capture good service stints to cover larger areas without encountering frequent charges.

Brush heads

Brush heads

Moreover, the Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim again comes stringent with the inclusion of an efficient brushing mechanism. It is all about a game of good-performing brushing systems that impacts the overall performance overwhelmingly.

An efficient brushing combination will help the machine produce excellent cleaning!

The lightweight vacuum cleaner incorporates 1+3 brush head combinations to perform several sorts of cleaning tasks. The system features a mice removal brush head, electric soft velvet floor brush and crevice suction head brush. They all are destined with improved properties to generate high-class cleaning results.


Inarguably, the smart vacuum cleaner industry is proliferating at pace, especially amidst the coronavirus outbreak. People want reliable cleaning solutions at affordable prices and this is what various brands are seeking to cater to. The in-hand Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim also appears as a versatile development with some top-notch specs on the sheet. It ensures above 99% cleaning effectiveness with a five-stage filtration system, 100K RPM high-speed brushless motor, 7-cone cyclone separation and 1+3 brush head combination. It also demonstrates good working life with five lithium batteries. Your search for a trustworthy cleaning device is probably to end up with good solace and performance.

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