Bakeey VP3 mini projector review: Minimalistic design for outdoor use!

January 10, 2023


  • TFT LCD imaging technology
  • Minimalistic and lightweight design
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • 3W inbuilt speaker


  • No Bluetooth

Bakeey VP3

Bakeey continues to embrace its portfolio with ultra-portable projectors. After witnessing a positive response to the Bakeey VP2, launched earlier, the manufacturer has come up with the successor VP3. It is also a mini projector with an ultra-portable design and lightweight physique. Today, in this guide, we would like to investigate the latest invention for its various configurations and specs. Certainly, it will provide you with the required dose of knowledge so that you end up with the appropriate selection.

The new VP3 Mini projector is special in plenty of ways. It is an ultra-portable integration to meet daily entertainment requirements indoors and outdoors. The small-sized projection machine equips TFT LCD projection technology along with 480x360p resolution and 3000:1 contrast ratio. Users will enjoy the content on a larger (up to 100”) screen with the support of inbuilt speakers. Also, you can create connections with multiple devices using the integrated 5G Wi-Fi wireless module.


Bakeey VP3 mini projector

The physical assembly of the projector, like its predecessor, is sleek, glossy and portable. It is an all-encompassing development that you can carry outside without any considerable inconvenience. The manufacturer has made some extra efforts to produce a more fascinating and alluring machine to suit your home interiors and other scenarios passionately.

Physically, the mini projector supports a portable physique that looks more vibrant in the dual-color scheme. Buyers will come to incorporate nice build aesthetics from all corners and angles. Everything is swell-managed in the slim and carriable design. One of the topmost highlights is its minimalistic construction. You will get the device measuring only 80x130mm and weighing 250g.

The minimalistic design and portable physique are lucrative!

The mini projector demonstrates a cylindrical shape. The main projection lens finds the space near the top edge. It is a little inside from the external symmetry to stay safe. The top panel of the machine will show you the main button along with the focus handle. Just below the upper panel, you can see a compact strip of a different color that presents a unique design with some holes in the half-circled design. In terms of ports, the projector holds (AV, DC IN, IR, HDMI, USB) some ports on the back sheet.


3000 lumens brightness

Indubitably, the display is always the main prospect of any projection machine. Enthusiasts might be looking for superior outcomes in the portable unit to make the day. Bakeey strives to indulge prominent technologies to serve users with an exceptional viewing experience. Therefore, the VP3 mini projector configures the FHD LCD imaging technology for people that further attracts the support of 1920x1080p resolution (maximum). However, the standard resolution is 480x360p.

TFT LCD projection technology produces vibrant visuals!

When it comes to the display size, the projector will not disappoint you since it can generate a max screen size of up to 100 inches. It is truly impressive to see the little product producing that size of the display on the wall from a 50-400cm distance. Meanwhile, clients will enjoy a 3000:1 contrast ratio as well as a 1.6:1 projection ratio and collect a sharper image, higher contrast, and vivid colors. More incredibly, the projector offers 3000 lumens of brightness to ensure you enjoy the content in the daytime. The lamp life will be up to 50000 hours to trigger stunning peace of mind.


Multiple physical ports

What are the various options and provisions for connecting the projector to external gadgets? Well, it is again all set to surprise viewers with a range of methods one can use for connection purposes. This department is likely to improve your movie experience overwhelmingly with some dedicated connectivity options.

Wired and wireless connectivity is admired prominently!

To enjoy a fabulous experience, customers can opt for both wireless and wired modules to trigger more flexibility. It is no hassle to connect the projector cordlessly with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc., through a 5G Wi-Fi module. Need more assistance? Individuals will also have access to some physical ports, such as AV, IR, HDMI, USB, etc., for more efficient and stable wired connections.


Like many projectors available on the market, the latest Bakeey VP3 also gains some audio producers to cater to your sound needs in the same device. You don’t need to connect with external speakers, therefore, and proceed to witness a superior and pleasant movie experience.

The inbuilt speaker intends to support audio requirements on the go!

On the front, the device boasts a 3W inbuilt speaker to meet sound requirements more passionately. It will provide avid people with good audio output to decorate your movie and gaming experience with an additional dose of delight.


Bakeey VP3 mini projector

If your portable display projector is compatible with some trending gadgets, it is always a positive sign. You don’t need to add supportive items to these systems to collect the desired level of satisfaction in the same device.

Android & iOS compatibility adds more perks and freedom!

In terms of compatibility, Bakeey’s latest development is successfully compatible with numerous devices in the modern age. One can extend the approach via both iOS and Android platforms.


Winding up the Bakeey VP3 mini projector review, it is a wonderful development with myriad impressive features, specifications and functions. The portable machine reflects a minimalistic design so that you encounter no hassle while carrying outside.

Further, it grabs TFT LCD display technology with up to 100” screen size, 480x360p display resolution and 3000:1 contrast ratio. The versatile device in the compact body is more likely to cater to your diverse needs across different scenarios. You will enjoy using the projector for home entertainment, office presentations and movies. Hopefully, the dedicated review is enough to impart a brief glimpse of the product to readers to help them choose the ideal projection machine.

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  • A portable and lightweight cylindrical design showcases astonishing build quality, accompanied by physical ports.
  • The LCD ...
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