Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera AW300 review: Designed for efficient surveillance with 2K night vision!

January 10, 2023


  • 2K ultra-clear 3MP CMOS sensor
  • IP66 waterproof/dustproof body
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi wireless connectivity
  • Four full-color night-vision lamps
  • High-grade ABS materials


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Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300

Security and surveillance cameras have gained immense popularity in recent years. With the ever-growing number of burglary activities and unauthorized invasions, these portable sensors have come to the limelight substantially. One can notice a flood of brands and manufacturers in the market to catch a potent development for home, office or other locations. Today, we spare time to inspect the Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera AW300 review to uncover its various capabilities or drawbacks, if any. Do you want to buy one? Continue with the guide!

It looks no worthless, but imperative to grab a quick view of the Xiaomi smart AW300 outdoor camera before entering the in-depth discussion. It is a proficient surveillance solution with a portable and waterproof design. You can install it for homes, offices, yards, shops, etc. The camera comes with an IP66-rated waterproof/dustproof certification to be an ideal choice for outdoor usage. It looks stylish with dual Wi-Fi antennas and features four full-color night vision lamps, human shape detection, H.265 video coding, flexible storage mode, Android & iOS compatibility and simple installation.


Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera AW300

Let’s start with the design. Xiaomi’s latest smart outdoor camera is a pure reflection of simplicity yet attractiveness in the full white-colored body. The construction and build aesthetics of the device are charging in the portable physique. It will suit decors of all locations in the glossy and ergonomic design. Xiaomi has strived dedicatedly to achieve the apex of excellence by combining uniqueness and durability together.

In terms of physical assembly and appearance, the outdoor security camera extends full dexterity to woo clients at first sight. It looks splendid in its portable physique and gains the toughness to combat all sorts of environmental situations. Physically, the surveillance camera measures only 173x75x70mm and weighs 249g. The main HD camera you can see fits on the front, while the back side encompasses the mounting panel.

Compact and ergonomic design collects views!

Further, the security camera unit has two Wi-Fi antennas integrated on both sides near the back end. They appear stunning in the parallel standing pose. The scintillating aspect is that the manufacturer has protected the outdoor camera against water and dust. All the credit goes to the IP66 certification. Overall, the Xiaomi smart camera is designed overwhelmingly in the high-grade ABS-made compact body.


2.4GHz WiFi

In the segment of smart security cameras, Xiaomi exhibits professional and experienced hands. Customers can look forward to purchasing high-end products with good transmission affairs. The in-hand surveillance device acknowledges a highly efficient 265 code stream. It is an advanced generation video encoding technology that is positioned to save video recording space. The priority is to achieve a stable connection under the same network, thanks to the dual high-gain external Wi-Fi antennas.

Video coding is efficient and stable!

The security camera will allow individuals to create wireless connections using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n. It shows the skills to accommodate a new generation H265 video encoding technology to safeguard video storage space. Ultimately, enthusiast users will witness stable connectivity with efficient data transmission under the same network environments. Meanwhile, they will gain excellent mobile phone views without encountering jamming to make things smoother and more reliable. It is also compatible with Android or iOS channels.


Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera AW300

The fundamental job of the smart outdoor camera is to capture and transfer views of surroundings. Consequently, it highlights the prominence of the inbuilt camera to perform the assigned role efficiently. Xiaomi approves the CMOS sensor and professional optical lens for its new invention.

CMOS sensor will scan surroundings with a wide-angle approach!

The smart surveillance camera integrates a 3 million-pixel and ultra-clear CMOS scanner to perform the duty faithfully. It is a 2K lens to trigger ultra-clear video and picture quality and improve security levels. It will have the strength to provide consistent monitoring of surroundings, irrespective of weather conditions. Furthermore, it utilizes the WDR-wide dynamic technology to deal with all sorts of complex outdoor environments. High-position wide-angle view is possible to cover larger areas more accurately. The CMOS sensor works impressively in collaboration with the professional optical lens to record high-definition 1080p pictures and video quality.


Four night vision lamp

The Chinese brand takes another chance to demonstrate its acuteness and skills by loading the smart surveillance camera with four-lamp integration. It implements two 850nm infrared lamps and dual LED warm lights.

Four night-vision lamps will support night shooting!

There is a mechanism of four full-color night vision lamps. It is assigned to spot things smartly in the dark and offers comprehensive surveillance. Users will witness two inbuilt high-power white lights and two infrared lights in the smart outdoor camera. They promise to bring clear night imaging when the light is turned on automatically when someone passes by. The human detection range is up to 7m.


It is no surprise that the demand graph for surveillance & security cameras continues to rise rapidly over the years. Everyone wants to stay safe and secure with consistent monitoring of homes, backyards and other locations prone to threats. The Xiaomi AW300 smart outdoor camera is a precious integration to use in all scenarios. It supports 2K picture quality, wide-angle aerial view, IP66 waterproof/dustproof rating and great night vision for bringing intelligent security. Whether you install it in the home, office, courtyard, store or shop, you are likely to witness incredible surveillance with wider coverage.

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  • High-quality ABS materials are utilized to build a durable and elegant finish in a portable physique with dual antennas.
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