Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 600G review: Convenient, Smart, and Portable!

January 9, 2023


  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration technology
  • High-grade ABS durable and portable physique
  • Smart Mijia app control
  • 600-gallon water flow


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Mijia Water Filter 600G

The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is better known for its smartphone range. But the organization continues to expand its portfolio with a slew of other product segments. The water purifier is the next frontier the company would be looking to dominate. During the recent era, it has brought several smart air and water purifiers to the market, with the Water Purifier 600G being among the latest ones. This guide has the motive to mull over the detailed review of the product to unearth its various capabilities and drawbacks etc. Let’s move to peep inside!

The latest Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 600G looks special in many ways. It is an innovative assembly in the portable physique with a range of high-end specs and configurations. The smart water purifier can be an impeccable solution when it comes to purifying drinking water. Buyers will witness a demonstrated combination of high-end technologies and a glossy build. The machine boasts Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration technology, mobile app monitoring, 600G large flow, four powerful filtration colorful light rings, etc.


Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 600G

It seems much better to start the discussion by sharing thoughts on the physical construction in the first segment. The external appearance yields substantial importance in the modern world of fashion. Therefore, companies devote enough time and effort to this department to woo visitors prima facia. How does the Xiaomi water purifier look?

Well, the water purifier under consideration reflects a pleasant and minimalistic physique like many other market counterparts. It is a great development to trigger an elegant and stylish structure in the portable body. Individuals will come to witness impressive physical aesthetics thanks to the vertically-designed square shape body. Meanwhile, users will also get an external tap with a light ring at the bottom. It is there to occupy the space for display purposes. The unit isn’t having any storage tank inside, however.

The portable design is attractive in white color appearance!

In terms of physical dimensions, the new water purifier by Xiaomi measures 28×20.50x41cm and weighs 12kg. On the front of the water purifying machine, enthusiasts will note the brand logo and the model number. With the white color paint profile, the machine will go well along with your kitchen walls, irrespective of decors. The filter is changeable easily using the three-step method. Furthermore, the independent faucet utilizes a high-strength ABS shell in collaboration with 304 stainless-steel inner walls.

Filter technology

4-filtration system

Xiaomi’s innovative and modern water purifier snatches a brilliant integration of efficient filters to ensure you drink pure and healthy water. It is, doubtlessly, one of the key elements in any water filtration mechanism to keep impurities and other undesired objects away. If it has a layer of several filters in place, the results are likely to be mind-blowing and impressive across all scenarios.

RO filtration technology shows tenacious results every time!

Users will find the integrated Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology in the unit to filter impurities and other harmful substances. It comprises a 4-filtration module to collect high-quality water every time. This is an advanced type of system with 4 filters – PP Cotton, imported coconut shell activated carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane, and rear coconut shell activated carbon. This filtration is tasked to eliminate harmful particles proficiently with an interception accuracy as high as 0.0001 microns. In the actual progress report, you can check that impurities (metals, organic matter, bacteria and viruses) are removed up to 99.9%.

Faucet & flow

6 gallon water flow

This facility may be absent in many other water purifying machines. Only a few on the market have been able to derive the module of a smart faucet from triggering elevated performance. The water filter configures an independent, intelligent control faucet on the external side. The unique specification of this unit is that it reflects a real-time display of filter life. How? The purpose is met through different color schemes. The blue color denotes pure water, and the orange color talks about the filter life that is about to expire.

Integrated faucet with different color codes is lucrative to see!

In addition to that, the water purifying system will provide 600 gallons of water flow to quench your daily needs impeccably. It will take only 7.5s to fill a 200ml cup.


Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 600G

What if your smart water purifier also acknowledges the mobile app? It is no less than bewildering to control your water filter through the smartphone. Users will get amazed using the provision with enhanced peace of mind.

Support for a dedicated app is something to appreciate!

Using the promised Mijia App, customers will monitor the water quality and water usage in homes in real time. Also, the intelligent pure water lifting technology will adjust the wastewater and pure water ratio at 2:1 for better outcomes.


To summarise the Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 600G review, it is imperative to check your TDS level before finalizing a water purifier for your kitchen. If you find it necessary to have one, you can consider installing Xiaomi’s water purifier. It is an efficient machine with a slew of smart technologies and parameters to do the job comprehensively. The main filtration technology it uses is Reverse Osmosis (RO) to remove impurities and harmful substances. Also, it integrates a 4-filtration system alongside supporting the Mijia app. you will be aware of the filter life through the intelligent control faucet. Hopefully, the review guide will assist you in making the right buying decision.

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  • High-strength ABS build quality offers a durable and stylish physique in square and vertical design.
  • Reverse osmosis ...
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