Xiaomi Mijia T302 Electric Toothbrush review: Efficient dental care with 4 cleaning modes!

January 9, 2023


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Up to 150-day battery life
  • IPX8 waterproof body
  • 360-degree wireless charging


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Mijia T302 Electric Toothbrush

The Chinese technology enterprise releases its next attempt to extend its smart electric toothbrush portfolio during the reveal of the Mijia T302. It is an advanced development to enter the market with the standard design but lots of enhancements on the technical part. Reviewing the smart electric toothbrush is worthful for clients looking for prominent guidance before investing. It comes a long way and consumes plenty of energy to learn various capabilities, strengths and limitations before conveying noble advice. Read on to find more!

With the swift involvement of smart technologies, everything is turning smarter to make everyday life easier and more comfortable. Meanwhile, we now have smart dental care gadgets as well as electric toothbrushes. The Xiaomi Mijia T302 toothbrush is such a kind of integration assembled dedicatedly to cater to several dental problems across all aged people. The device comes with various cleaning modes in addition to upgraded configurations to ensure an intelligent tooth-cleaning experience. It adopts DuPont copper-free antibacterial bristles, an IPX8 waterproof body, a 360-degree wireless charger, 4 brush heads, and 150-day long battery life.


Xiaomi Mijia T302 Electric Toothbrush

It is good to start the debate with the physical build and appearance. Similar to an ordinary toothbrush, the latest smart electric toothbrush features a vertical design except for the larger cylindrical handle. However, the handle isn’t too big and thick to feel uncomfortable while holding. It is pretty pleasant to hold, thanks to the slim and portable form factor. It reflects a sleek, simple and straightforward build quality to be durable and competent. The IPX8-rated waterproof body measures 247x27mm.

A slim and portable physique is convenient to hold!

Further, the smart gadget implements high-rated materials to trigger an anti-mold chassis to be more fascinating and health-oriented. Overall, the physique consists of dual components. The upper unit accommodates the DuPont gentle bristles, while the lower part is the main body with a power button and some indicators. The base of the device houses a charging point that supports 360-degree wireless charging. Buyers will have three color choices – Dark Blue, Romantic Purple and Streamer Silver.


Powerful brushless motor

Like many other electric gadgets, the modern electric toothbrush also encompasses a motor to fuel the overall functionality. In collaboration with the battery, the motor promotes the procedure for the brush head without producing larger vibrations. The Xiaomi Mijia toothbrush also follows the same policy along with the Compressed Power Enhancement Technology.

The brushless motor is powerful and pretty silent!

Users will come across a brushless motor inside the hood of the toothbrush. It is pledged to produce good power to trigger the brush head. It covers efficient productivity across every session by maintaining stringent power and reducing the vibration of the handle. Thereby, you will notice an efficient cleaning experience at low-noise operations to add more positive remarks.


4 different cleaning modes

Different cleaning modes are meant for different scenarios and purposes. When your electric toothbrush supports several cleaning modes, you become eligible to take care of your beautiful teeth more innovatively and comprehensively. It gains the proficiency to cater to whole-family dental care needs.

Four cleaning modes, along with four brush heads add more value and care!

With Xiaomi’s latest T302 electric toothbrush, individuals will have four cleaning modes. They are aligned to address the daily cleaning needs of different family members. You will witness impressive brushing results with different modes – Standard Cleaning, Sensitive & Gentle, Gum Massage, and Whitening Polish. At the same time, the smart gadget also comes with 4 brush heads to last for four seasons.


Xiaomi Mijia T302 Electric Toothbrush

The power strength of the electric toothbrush derives stamina from the powerful inbuilt battery. Xiaomi always takes care of its rechargeable devices with more prominence to keep them ahead of the competition. Accordingly, users enjoy a brilliant phase of service with a long-lasting battery pack and fascinating charging capabilities.

High-capacity battery will last longer after every charge!

In the power compartment of the gadget, the electric toothbrush keeps a large-capacity battery for extended working life. It promises to impart notable endurance on every single charge. The machine will run for 65 days in standard cleaning mode and 150 days in sensitive and gentle mode. Another creative thing to highlight about the toothbrush is the support for a 360-degree wireless charging module. It aligns with the socket accurately to ensure rapid (4-hour) charging.


IPX8 Waterproof

Having protection against water is an admirable property. Electrical products are particularly required to extend waterproof capabilities to deal with watery conditions efficiently.

The ability to resist water is truly appreciable!

The Xiaomi Mijia T302 toothbrush features an IPX8 waterproof rating to combat tough situations. In collaboration with the double-layer design, the device will permit you to use and wash the brush under direct tap water.


In a nutshell, the Xiaomi Mijia T302 smart electric toothbrush seems to have a competent package of advanced protocols to offer ideal dental care to users. Unlike traditional toothbrushes, the innovative gadget imparts an efficient teeth-cleaning experience with 4 different cleaning modes, DuPont bristles and antibacterial brush heads. In terms of battery capacity, the electric device supports 360° wireless charging to deliver up to 150-day long service life after every charge. The brushless motor releases the power to the brush head directly to bring strong power and reduced handle vibration. All in all, the smart electric toothbrush appears to provide great dental care solutions with enhanced efficiency.

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  • The high-quality build is impressive in lightweight and elegant physique with a detachable brush head.
  • A brushless motor is ...
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