Xiaomi Mijia Smart Tabletop Dishwasher S1 review: Compact design and talented configurations!

January 9, 2023


  • High-quality build & portable design
  • 75-degree C max temp. range
  • Voice and app control
  • 99.99% sterilization (UV technology)
  • 7 different washing modes


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Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1

It is no secret that technology has intruded across every facet of life to revolutionize traditional cultures and norms. Under the influence of trending environments, our kitchens are also getting smarter by incorporating smarter products to make life easier. The tech giant Xiaomi is again the prime dominant with scads of developments for kitchen improvements. Today, we have the smart tabletop dishwasher S1 from the basket of Xiaomi to trigger confabulations about. This review guide’s ambition is to share its multiple talents, capabilities and other valuable aspects to give you a clearer idea before you make the purchase.

Of course, it is worthless and a waste of time to introduce the Chinese technology supreme Xiaomi. Let’s concentrate on the device itself we have on the table for review. It is a smart dishwasher by Xiaomi, particularly assembled to support your dishwashing needs in a more innovative way. The portable dishwashing machine conveys lightweight and compact size to ensure you don’t need enough space to install it. On the specs sheet, it also looks stringent, with the potential of several high-end technical specifications. It has PTC hot air circulation drying, multiple washing modes, AI intelligent algorithms, etc.


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Tabletop Dishwasher S1

Physical development and appearance is always significant characteristic to talk about. Every smart dishwashing machine conveys its unique build and external look to stay different from its counterparts. The Xiaomi smart tabletop dishwasher musters many innovative and alluring things to trigger fascinating design aesthetics. The machine’s best and most convincing quality is its ultra-compact and portable physique. It measures only 600mm in its full-size shape when you open the foldable door in the front.

When it comes to getting through the build quality and visuals, the smart dishwasher is magnificent, with an awesome build to beat the competition exponentially. It is a pure reflection of excellence and creativity with a sleek structure in white color paint. Users will notice an ultra-portable and lightweight construction and enjoy the freedom to place it anywhere in the kitchen. The physical dimensions of the unit are only 598x550x350mm. Ultimately, it occupies only 0.19m2 area on your table.

A portable physique looks superior in a compact build!

On the front, enthusiasts will have their hands on a folding door. It is pretty comfortable and effortless to open with a single click and restricts the opening depth to only 600mm. The manufacturer has utilized high-quality food-grade materials smartly to bring durability and toughness. More impressively, the portable dishwashing machine also hosts a circular LED display panel on the front face to deliver real-time monitoring of timer and temperature settings.


75-degree temperature

There is a direct and explicit connection between the temperature range and the smart dishwasher. Today, we come across many types of dishwashing equipment in the market. They are decorated with a superior blend of high-tech features to impart the desired level of performance. The setting of optimum temperature levels is crucial to make utensils safer and sterilized. Xiaomi also has advanced well to load the latest smart dishwasher with awesome temperature settings.

Adjustable temperature settings are innovative to see!

The latest integration is a great consideration to be a proficient dishwasher for your kitchen with adjustable temperature modules. It accommodates your daily dishwashing requirements with an additional edge since you can manage the temperature on your own. Users can manage different operations at temperatures up to 75 (167°F) to collect superior washing results.


Touchable control buttons

The notable factor about the smart dishwasher is that it allows enthusiasts to control various functions through some acknowledged and popular ways. Like other counterparts, the dishwashing machine also encompasses some good tools for users to let them manage things like a pro.

Efficient controlling boasts more satisfaction!

In terms of controlling facilities, the Xiaomi dishwasher S1 supports several alternatives for controlling purposes. People will select from 7 programs by switching between touch buttons embedded on the front. In addition to that, individuals can also get to implement Xiao AI voice commands or the Mijia App to manage functions with enhanced prominence and excellence.

Air circulation

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Tabletop Dishwasher S1

Furthermore, the countertop machine acknowledges PTC hot air circulation system. It is an advanced integration to bring relevant performance in collaboration with two groups of 3-fork high-frequency spray arms. Using the AI intelligent algorithm, the machine advocates optical water quality monitoring.

Efficient hot air circulation offers better services!

It shows the tenacity to witness fast drying with 30kPa outlet pressure. Also, it automatically picks the wash mode after determining the dirt level in 10 seconds. Meanwhile, people will collect 99.99% sterilization, and the product will store tableware (bacteria-free) for up to 96 hours, thanks to UV technology.


7 washing modes

Users will have another considerable chapter belonging to the smart dishwasher. It comes with 7 washing modes to accommodate overall functionality and productivity.

Different washing modes for different needs!

Individuals will sift through different operations to set relevant parameters for desired results. You will have Smart Wash (75°C), Strong Wash (75°C), Standard Wash (75°C), Disinfection Wash (75°C), Energy Saving Wash (56°C), Quick Wash (55°C), Single Drying (75°C), Self-Cleaning (55°C).


In the final say, the latest Xiaomi Mijia smart tabletop dishwasher S1 is likely to captivate users from every angle. The portable machine is highly configured with state-of-the-art specifications to disclose every possible help in the kitchen. Users can switch between 7 different washing modes as per needs. It can operate at 7 different temperature levels between 55-degree and 75-degree Celsius. Using advanced UV technology, the dishwasher triggers 99.99% sterilization and allows users to store tableware for up to 96 hours. Overall, the smart dishwasher can be an ideal solution for a family of 4-6 members.

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  • High-grade material is utilized to construct an elegant physique with a foldable door along with lightweight aesthetics.
  • The ...
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