Xiaomi Mijia S101 Electric Shaver review: Waterproof trimmer with 3-knife structure!

January 9, 2023


  • 3-knife holder design
  • IPX7 waterproof physique
  • High-grade build materials
  • Approx. 60-day battery life


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Xiaomi Mijia S101

In this guide today, we would like to share thoughts and opinions about an electric shaver by Xiaomi named Xiaomi Mijia S101. It is a perfect kind of trimmer with some unique patterns to offer appropriate beard-cutting solutions. Xiaomi is a proficient, admirable brand in the technology corridor, well-known for manufacturing and exporting high-quality products and gadgets. The latest electric trimmer comes with plenty of revolutionary features to be a foremost choice for men.

Before we step ahead to indulge in the thorough analysis, let’s have a cursory look at some key specifications first. Well, the Xiaomi Mijia S101 trimmer is a wonderful shaving solution with a range of advanced technologies and configurations. It is a thoughtfully-designed development that comes with a double ring design and a gorgeous appearance in the black color paint. The portable and slim body will be no hassle and you can carry it outside effortlessly. The machine configures three knife holders, an IPX7 waterproof physique, a Type-C charging interface, 18 blades and good battery life.


Xiaomi Mijia S101 Electric Shaver

Let’s enter the discussion by having a glance at the external appearance and build quality first. The design of the product matters a lot to users and they always wish to acquire a relevant physique for convenient usage. Meanwhile, the Chinese brand Xiaomi never shows even a pinch of negligence while designing its smart electric products. The latest trimming machine also follows the same club with remarkable and fascinating physical aesthetics.

In terms of physical development and look, the electric shaver conveys something fabulous aligned with beautiful texture under the supervision of expert specialists. It comes in an ultra-portable and slim body and implements high-quality build materials to snatch durability in the first place. The vertical construction is easy to hold in hands and delivers convenient operations by fitting different face contours.

A portable physique is lightweight and stylish!

Furthermore, the electric trimmer demonstrates a solid and durable frame in addition to elegant design aesthetics. The electric shaver adopts a sleek and vertical shape with three cutter heads on the top. Enthusiasts will notice a physical button on the main body used for power functions. There are also two LED light indicators to represent the battery and the lock. Coming to the reverse side, the machine features a Type-C charging interface to charge the battery. Customers will find a Xiaomi shaver, a manual, a charging cable and a cleaning brush in the box.


IPX7 Rated waterproof

What if your new electric trimmer is waterproof? Well, it is always an additional but significant value that brings more freedom and peace of mind. When your electric device is certified with a reasonable waterproof rating, you stay confident to use it in any condition. You will also have the right to wash it directly in the tap water. Thankfully, Xiaomi’s new electric shaving machine has snatched the waterproof certification for an improved experience.

A waterproof physique ensures more peace of mind!

The trimmer with a lightweight body is blessed with a waterproof rating to release more freedom and joy. It comes with the IPX7 waterproof authorization to assure enthusiasts can take the machine outside tension-free. You don’t need to worry about rain splashes and can also wash the shaver in the water directly.


3-knife holder design

This is the main weapon of any electric shaving machine. The performance of the device depends entirely on the sharpness and adaptability of the blades. The electric trimmer under question also showcases a unique pattern of blades through the three-knife holder.

Three-knife holder design is impressive and productive!

Demonstrating a double-ring design, the electric trimmer is integrated with 18 blades. Ultimately, the machine brings a stable, faster and cleaner service to achieve a perfect cut with high accuracy. The notable thing is the unique 3-knife holder design. This integration moves independently and facilitates the easy removal of beards across various positions. Also, the electric shaver features intelligent control of operations in addition to an accurate recognition of speed. This setting produces stable output at high-speed movements for satisfactory beard-cutting results.


Xiaomi Mijia S101 Electric Shaver

Without any shred of doubt, the power department of a rechargeable lays pretty much significance. Users will prefer to hold the product with long-lasting battery configurations to prevent frequent charging affairs. The S101 electric shaver by Xiaomi acknowledges a reliable policy in this regard and promotes efficient battery packages under the hood.

Powerful battery imparts reliability and delight with long service stints!

In the power circuit, the Xiaomi Mijia trimmer comes studded with a reputed battery to support enthusiasts with long work sessions. Per charge, the inbuilt battery will gain the potential to cater to your shaving operations for approx. 60 days. Surprisingly, the machine needs only 1.5 hours to regain the required energy to repeat the process. Individuals will use the Type-C interface for charging purposes.


Summing up the debate, the Xiaomi Mijia S101 electric shaver has endeavored successfully, to a large extent, to serve users with the desired level of results. It musters numerous performance-oriented specifications to trigger efficient beard solutions for men. With a 3-knife holder design, the portable machine looks stringent to manage operations with normal and thick beard hair. Further, the trimmer exhibits an IPX7 waterproof physique to make washing stress-free. You will face no inconvenience while taking the lightweight and slim trimmer outside. Overall, the latest Xiaomi electric trimmer can be your ideal companion for home use, business trips, etc.

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  • The high-quality build material is implemented to create a durable and portable design with detachable cutter heads.
  • IPX7 ...
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