Xiaomi Enchen X7 Electric Shaver review: Making shaving comfortable with 360-degree floating system!

January 9, 2023


  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Proficient 360° floating system
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 5 intelligent mechanisms
  • 3-cutter heads


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Enchen X7 Electric Trimmer

Innovation is the cultural trend for Xiaomi, and it endeavors promptly to design, manufacture and deliver highly innovative and prestigious products. Better known for the smartphone range, the Chinese firm also possesses a good reputation in other market segments, including electric shavers & trimmers. Here is the latest development by the brand under its Youpin ecosystem, named Enchen X7. This guide will proceed further to offer in-depth insights into the product to help customers know about its various features and configurations. Stay connected!

Xiaomi creates another chance to achieve admiration through the innovative Enchen X7 Electric Shaver. The device is more than a traditional shaving system with an array of high-end technicalities. It is an innovative integration with good skills to be used by men to trim their beards. The portable machine shows solidity and durability with stainless-steel blades and initiates efficient shaving solutions. Technically, the electric trimmer demonstrates a 3.7V rechargeable battery (90-day endurance), an IPX7 waterproof body, a 360-degree floating system, 5W-rated power, an advanced travel lock, etc.


Rigid stainless steel

Starting with physical development and appearance can be more helpful for users. Xiaomi always makes extra strides to achieve superior designs for its product range under the supervision of expert designers. It works to keep things minimalistic and portable to ensure users can carry products outside effortlessly. In the case of the Enchen X7 trimmer, the company has showcased a similar approach and gained an attractive, lightweight and smart build.

In terms of physical construction, the beard-cutting machine exhibits a portable and tough build with superior-quality materials. The most appreciable part is its super minimalistic physique with lucrative design aesthetics. It appears simply remarkable with a 3-blade mechanism and 360-degree floating system. On the top, you can see a special unit integrated to hold blades. This is the joint of automatic grinding blades and will get sharper with regular usage. These are made of rigid stainless steel to produce a powerful performance.

The portable trimmer is solid, durable and easy to carry!

Furthermore, the handheld trimmer carries a power button on the body and reflects a stylish design. While measuring the physical dimensions of the electric razor, we get 13x6x3cm size and 380g weight. Also, the IPX7 waterproof body is washable and stress-free.


Sharp and safer blades

The prime performers in the electric shaving machine are the blades and other notable parameters. It bears the main responsibility to trigger desired beard-trimming results and 100% customer satisfaction. Xiaomi’s latest electric trimmer goes greatly with an efficient 3-blade mechanism. Users are likely to register reliable performance every time since the machine features blades with auto-sharpening provision.

The Xiaomi Enchen X7 shaver comes with 3-cutter heads on the top. It supports a 360-degree FMT floating module that helps the machine to fit every face contour precisely. The notable aspect is that blades are sharpened automatically, and you don’t need to do it manually. The more you use the machine, the sharper the blades will be. Similarly, the automatic grinding of blades also brings an omnidirectional fit to shave without dead corners.

Sharper blades offer efficient trimming results!

It has an intelligent ESM shaving system to provide users with a ruthless and precise shave. In addition to that, the electric trimmer also acknowledges an intelligent travel lock to prevent auto-starting in the bag. An intelligent breathing lamp and an LED indicator are some other valuable perks to witness on the machine.

Intelligent system

5 intelligent profiles

Showing some kind of intelligence is the core ability of products residing in Xiaomi’s portfolio. Meanwhile, the latest electric trimmer & shaver also extends some advanced modules to take performance to the next level.

Intelligent mechanisms will elevate overall productivity!

Individuals will see the trimmer acknowledging five intelligent systems for an improved shaving experience. It configures an intelligent anti-pinch whisker, intelligent anti-blocking protection, intelligent charging prompt, intelligent breathing light and smart travel lock.


90 minutes endurance

Here is the prominent sector to discuss further in the review, especially for travelers. They might be looking for a handheld electric trimmer with good power storage capabilities.

Lithium battery looks stringent and long-lasting!

In the power corridor of the beard trimmer, you will see a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery. It has the potential to serve men with up to 90 minutes of service life per charge. It will take an hour to regain the full top-up.


Xiaomi Enchen X7 Electric Shaver

Like most of Xiaomi’s products, the new trimmer also advocates the certification with an IP rating. It is a great deal to have hands on a device that can resist water splashes confidently for seamless services.

Waterproof certification is something valuable and convincing!

With the Xiaomi Enchen X7, enthusiasts will have the freedom to wash the machine directly. It is possible due to the IPX7 waterproof certification. Ultimately, the electric shaver accepts no harm and discomfort from water and moves ahead to serve you across all situations.


Wrapping up the discussion, Xiaomi again tries to gain prominence in the domain of smart electric trimmers. The newly-introduced Enchen X7 under the Youpin campaign is a beautiful demonstration of the advanced facilities you would require for a perfect shaving experience. It comes with a 360-degree floating system to match the face automatically and provide smoother shaving. Further, users will enjoy dual (dry & wet) shaving modes along with auto-sharpening of blades. Thanks to the magnetic blade cover, it can be removed easily for cleaning. The IPX7-rated waterproof body is washable in direct water. Overall, it would be a suitable device to use at home or on trips.

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  • High-quality materials construct durable, rugged and stylish designs in a portable body with stainless-steel blades.
  • IPX7 ...
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