Wanbo T2R Max Projector review: Stylish build with Android TV and 4K resolution!

January 9, 2023


  • Inbuilt Android 9.0 OS
  • Auto Up-down 4-point keystone correction
  • Dual 3W inbuilt speakers
  • 120″ 4K LCD display
  • Portable and stylish


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Wanbo T2R Max

Amidst the home-theatre cultures, the demand for portable projector systems has gained significance incredibly. It is no less than a brilliant tool to portray a bigger screen on the canvas for a remarkable home movie and gaming experience. Wanbo, like many other brands, also possesses a consolidated portfolio of valuable products to support customers in the home entertainment segment. Here is the new addition to the company’s foil in the form of T2R Max. This guide is designed intentionally to share thoughts and in-depth reviews concerning the portable and stylish projector. Continue reading if you are looking to buy one!

Taking a quick glimpse of the Wanbo T2R Max Projector is good before diving deeper into the debate. The machine appears stunningly incredible in its humanized and simple & sleek design. It is a solid and attractive development with a broader spectrum of high-end configurations. Enthusiasts will enjoy 1080P 4K resolution picture quality in addition to inbuilt Android 9.0 TV. Further, users will notice a multi-layer coated glass lens, auto-up-down 4-point keystone correction, 16GB storage, Amlogic MTK9269 processor, 350 ANSI lumens, 4K LCD display, and dual 3W speakers.


WANBO T2R Max Projector

At the prima facia, the Wanbo projector exhibits some kind of uniqueness in its physical development. Portability is the main consideration, along with a stylish and glossy physique with rounded corners and edges. You can see tough competition among projector developers in the context of physical contour and appearance. Wanbo is likely to lead the race to a big extent by presenting incredible build aesthetics through the latest projection system.

In terms of external appearance and build quality, the LCD projector appears ergonomically stylish and captivating in its portable and lightweight construction. The producer has implemented high-grade plastic material in the process to trigger a portable body with 110x135x165mm measurement. It weighs only 1800g.

A portable physique is fabulously unique and stylish!

Further, the projector comes in an innovative retro design to bring romantic and proportional settings with royal characteristics. On the top, it conveys a rich artistic flavor with the rotatable knob and a circular button. On the front, the unit adjusts the main lens along with the unique grill just below the projection lens. There is a 3W speaker on both sides, while the back side comprises some physical ports to accommodate connectivity.


4K Display

Wanbo projector acknowledges the 4K resolution screen display similar to many other high-range projectors in the market. It is an LCD surface on the canvas to bring colors to life and enhance visuals across all scenes. You can see an improvement from 1920x1080p in the predecessor T2 Max to the advanced 4K resolution.

High-resolution picture quality is no less exciting!

The next-generation projector utilizes an LCD display integration for projection. Enthusiasts become eligible to enjoy up to 120” display size with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Unlimited visions can be accumulated with a 1.35:1 projection ratio. There will be 350 ANSI lumens of brightness proposed for viewers to witness wonderful visuality in the daytime. Also, the projector configures 4K decoding and an integrated 60Hz motion compensation (MEMC) technology. You can adjust the picture using the auto-up-down 4-point keystone correction.

Operating system

Android 9.0 OS

It would be illustrious to see an inbuilt operating system to extend a variety of TV shows and live films. Amidst the trending concepts of Android OS, the Wanbo projector also follows the same tendency to serve users with advanced protocols. Through the intelligent Android OS, you will install OTT (YouTube, Netflix, Skype, Prime Video, etc.) apps with a click.

Android OS is more productive with multiple inbuilt OTT platforms!

Further, enthusiasts will prefer using the Android 9.0 OS to enjoy all the facilities of a smart TV. It is the mainstream in the process to trigger improved performance through over 500,000 TV shows. Also, the projector configures the Amlogic MTK9269 processor to enhance the overall projection along with diffuse reflection imaging and full-closed optical and mechanical technology. There would be 1GB RAM and 16GB local storage.


WANBO T2R Max Projector

As far as the connectivity options are related, the portable projector will observe no dependency on any sort of external environment. It extends the freedom for enthusiasts who have to change the connecting devices frequently.

Multiple connectivity alternatives offer improved peace of mind!

The Wanbo projector encompasses a range of physical ports. Additionally, the device also supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 modules to let people enjoy extended flexibility and freedom.


WANBO T2R Max Projector

Audio production is another convincing approach to a portable projector. Having inbuilt speakers clearly deny the need for external speakers. It adds more value and solace to the movie experience.

Dual speakers offer omnidirectional sound!

In the portable Wanbo T2R Max projector, users will note a couple of 3W speakers for both the right and left channels. The duo is high-quality audio speakers to trigger a 360-degree sound to serve you with a top-class viewing experience.


The projector industry is undergoing the right realm with proliferated customer demand and expectations. The latest Wanbo T2R Max projector is another superb creation to revolutionize your home entertainment with numerous state-of-the-art configurations. The inbuilt Android TV comes with several OTT platforms to project visuals on up to 120” LCD display. Furthermore, the portable device looks elegant to suit your home interiors in the enticing white-color physique. It features an inbuilt E-share, MTK9269 TV chip, 1080P 4K picture quality, and 350 ANSI lumens to support clients’ diverse projection needs worthfully. All in all, the modern projector looks decisive and adept in the given price bracket.

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  • The projector exudes high-grade aesthetics, boasting a stunning and user-friendly design within a portable and lightweight form ...
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