Mibro Earbuds 2 TWS earbuds review: Enjoy music and exercise together!

January 5, 2023



  • Powerful 10mm dynamic drivers
  • Solid Bluetooth v5.3 wireless connectivity
  • Sensitive touch control system
  • AI ENC noise cancellation technology
  • Up to 25h music time


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Mibro Earbuds 2

True Wireless Stereo earbuds are the deal of today. The fervent demonstration of technologies in the earphone segment unlocks unique sorts of possibilities for avid listeners. Mibro is one of the superior brands in the same market, with a slew of great products in the portfolio. The arrival of Mibro Earbuds 2 earphones triggers another chapter of discussion amongst enthusiasts. Today, we are here with a detailed review guide on wireless headphones to illuminate their various capabilities and limitations side by side. If you are looking for one but need assistance, stay connected!

It seems useless to introduce Mibro to people with a profound love for music. It is a fast-growing manufacturer of wireless earbuds apart from having smartwatches in the basket. The latest development by the enterprise is the earbuds, which can be a remarkable gift option for music freaks. The wireless unit installs 10mm larger dynamic horns, AI ENC noise cancellation, semitransparent design, Bluetooth 5.3, lightweight and portable, 25h battery life and touch control. Therefore, the amalgamation of high-end configurations takes responsibility for obtaining the desired level of performance and content.



With a glorious build and mesmerizing appearance, Mibro’s new earphones seem successful in justifying the proverb – the first impression is the last impression. The external look is just fascinating with its hypnotizing design and durable build. Both earbuds advocate a semi-in-ear mechanism to ensure painless and comfortable wearing for a long time. There is a little stem tagged on the behind with a touch control panel on it. It is pretty light in weight to expose no burden on your ears. Users can choose either white or black color.

Semi-in-ear design is waterproof and scintillating to see!

Coming to the case, it is also a portable and pocket-friendly piece made of high-grade materials. On the top, it carries a transparent lid that gives a mild look of earbuds inside. With 26.7g on the scale, the charging case is super easy to carry in the pocket. The charging case shows an LED indicator below the front’s brand name. Another eminent prospect is the IPX5 waterproof certification to note. It will resist water and sweat to bring worry-free usage across different scenarios. The physical dimensions of the unit are 31x20x5.8mm.

Sound quality

MIBRO Earbuds 2

The quality of the music and audio matters a lot for deep-hearted enthusiasts. It is always the key priority of buyers to encompass the best quality sound with a proper balance between mids and highs. It improves not only the music listening but also the gaming experience of users. Mibro takes care of this element more vigorously and comes forward with stringent sound profiles.

Dynamic drivers bring pleasant sound quality with optimized sound effects!

In each earbud, Mibro loads innovative and solid pieces of horns to produce superior levels of sound. Both earbuds have 10mm dynamic drivers that work like a woofer to elevate the audio resolution. Individuals will enjoy optimized vocals along with high-frequency performance and stronger low-frequency. Accumulatively, dynamic woofers will produce layered sound effects and rich sound details.


10mm drivers

The technology of Bluetooth has been in prominence when we talk about the connectivity capabilities of wireless earphones. It is a superb package of advanced protocols to fuel the system of wireless connections. Like other brands’ developments, Mibro follows the same strategy and installs the Bluetooth 5.3 chip under the hood. It is a proficient integration with performance-oriented modules to let users enjoy stable and faster connectivity.

Bluetooth connectivity is solid and unbeatable!

The Bluetooth mechanism empowers faster transmission with enhanced stability, improved speed, and power consumption. What is the range of the Bluetooth connection? Well, enthusiasts will enjoy unbreakable and solid connectivity within the range of 10m. Hence, they don’t need to carry the phone in their pocket while in the gym or room.


MIBRO Earbuds 2

The power storage capacity of Mibro wireless earbuds is impressive to woo users with long service stints. It is, doubtlessly, one of the most critical components involved in the unit that buyers consider promptly and attentively. It is the only parameter to decide how long you would be able to listen to your favorite tracks on every charge.

Powerful battery brings lasting performance!

In the power circuit of the earbuds, Mibro employs a potent 380mAh battery in the charging case. It shows the tenacity to empower both earbuds (40mAh each) 3 times once you charge them fully. On every single top-up, individuals will be eligible to enjoy an extended music time of up to 25 hours. In addition to that, the wireless earbuds also incorporate short-circuit protection, voltage stabilization, over-power protection, and overshoot protection.

Touch control

MIBRO Earbuds 2

Unlike wired earbuds, wireless counterparts expose more advanced and modern systems when it comes to controlling music and other scenarios. With the rapid inclusion of innovative technologies, manufacturers follow touch control algorithms to assist clients with more freedom and flexibility.

The touch control system is convenient and faster!

The Mibro Earbuds 2 earphones also host a touch control mechanism on the back. It is a high-precision and sensitive surface to support users in managing multiple things effortlessly. Using this panel, you can play/pause the song, trigger voice assistant, and switch to the previous/next song. Also, you can increase/decrease the volume and answer/reject the phone call using the panel. Additionally, the AI ENC noise cancellation technology in collaboration with the DNN algorithm will reduce the background noises by up to 75%.


In the final verdict, the Mibro Earbuds 2 Earbuds is a perfect device with optimized algorithms and high-bass 10mm drivers. You can opt for these headphones to collect superior sound quality, Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connectivity, and an efficient touch control facility. Users will have no issue while using earbuds in the rain, thanks to the IPX5 waterproof rating. Overall, it would be an ideal blend of high-tech specifications to support your daily music requirements diligently.

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