Haylou X1 Neo TWS Earbuds review: Comfortable half-in ear design with dynamic drivers!

January 9, 2023


  • 13mm drivers for superior quality quality
  • Bluetooth v5.3 wireless (10m) connectivity
  • 0.06s ultra-low latency
  • Sensitive touch control panel
  • IPX4 waterproof and sweatproof body


  • Didn’t find

Haylou X1 Neo

The rapid penetration of advanced technologies in the wireless earbuds domain strikes tough competition. Manufacturers are always on the stride to innovate more personalized developments to snatch an additional edge over the market. Haylou is one of the reputed brands that requires no acquaintance with the world. It recently welcomed its new piece of work named Haylou X1 Neo to the portfolio with some upper-level of specs on the table. Bluetooth 5.3, noise reduction, 13mm dynamic drivers, 0.06s low latency, 310mAh (case) battery, and IPX4 waterproof design are some of the highlighting prospects of the device. Here’s a detailed review of the wireless earphones to uncover what it demonstrates under the hood.

After its inauguration in the segment of lifestyle products, Haylou has thrived magnificently with notable determination. The brand has earned an honorable status in the market through its products, alluring communities in more than 100 countries. It exhibits an optimistic approach and the right temperament to serve humanity with quality-centric and fruitful inventions. Further, Haylou comes forth with an appropriate blend of outstanding R&D facilities and customer-oriented philosophies.


Haylou X1 Neo TWS Earbuds

We would like to kickstart the debate by analyzing the physical construction and appearance of the device first. Plenty of wireless earbuds are available in the market with almost a similar physique but with minor contrasts to note. Physically, the earbuds under question adopt a pretty lucrative and astonishing design in the pocket-friendly size. Users will have dual color options – Ice White and Night Black. Earbuds are nice to see with a little stem and a unique metal ring at the bottom. They offer comfortable wearing with a half-in-ear design that fits the ear canals accurately. On the reverse side, both earbuds acknowledge a sensitive touch control panel as well.

Half-in-ear wearing style is effortless and impressive!

The charging case, on the other side, also triggers a fascinating look in the oval-shaped body. You can notice a unique matte translucent upper cover design that displays the earbuds inside. The IPX4-rated physique will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks without fearing sweat or rain. On the front, the case shows the brand logo, while the lower side has the Type-C port. In terms of weight and physical measurement, the single Haylou earbud measures 17.9×34.3×16.7mm and weighs only 3.87g to ensure delightful wearing all the time.


Bluetooth v5.3

This is the critical avenue that differentiates rechargeable music players from their wired counterparts. Haylou has been seen walking some extra strides on many occasions when it comes to backing clients with the most advanced technologies. This time, it again moves passionately to embrace the new X1 Neo earbuds with superior connectivity through the air. It configures the earphones with the latest Bluetooth v5.3 module to generate smooth and stable connections.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity is a foremost application to note!

The advanced Bluetooth chip yields users a range of benefits. Apart from supporting wireless connectivity. It helps you enjoy longer battery life with low power consumption protocols. Further, it makes your gaming experience more joyful with low latency provisions and strong anti-interference systems. Individuals will gain unbreakable connectivity within a 10m radius. Some other protocols it supports comprise A2DP/AVRCP/SBC/HSP/HFP.

Sound quality

13mm Large drivers

Serving users with the intended audio outputs is the key goal of any earphone development. Buyers wish to pay a little more to grab satisfactory sound quality rather than compromising with average audio productions to save some bucks. Haylou seems to meet the desired level with the X1 Neo being the top choice of several music lovers.

The wireless earphones come installed with 13mm dynamic driving units to support listeners with high-definition sound quality. The pair promises to deliver more sound details across all ambiances. Your listening will be more delightful and impeccable with the right package of different sound profiles. It strikes a proper balance among mids, highs, and bass.

Dynamic drivers create stunning sound quality for improved music listening!

Another notable highlight of the wireless earbuds is the 0.06s ultra-low latency. Avid gamers can switch to the gaming mode by pressing and holding for 2s. It allows you to capture amazing gaming experience and improved audio-visual experience with only 0.06s latency.


Haylou X1 Neo TWS Earbuds

No one can scorn the power storage capabilities when choosing the best and most suitable wireless earbuds. It must be able to survive above the standard levels across different situations. Again, Haylou appears to be successful in its endeavor to assign good-capacity batteries to its newly introduced wireless earphones.

Lithium polymer battery is stronger and long-lasting!

The power corridor of the integration exhibits great skills with a 310mAh lithium polymer battery contained in the charging case. In collaboration with earbuds, it has the efficiency to magnify the per-charge music time to 20 hours. Every single earbud boasts a 30mAh battery to let users stay connected for 5 hours on every top-up. The charging case takes about 1.5 hours to refill the pack via the Type-C interface. Additionally, you will have the privilege to switch between Mono and Stereo modes as per requirements.


High-precision touch control

Wireless earbuds are meant to convey some proficient sorts of control mechanisms to make things convenient. Usually, these types of music players come equipped with personalized touch control panels on the back of earbuds. Thankfully, so is the case with the Haylou X1 Neo earbuds.

The sensitive touch control panel is effortless to operate!

The unit features a high-sensitive and high-precision touch control on the back of each earbud. It is super pleasant to touch and control and imparts no pressure on the ears. Using this integration, users will be able to answer/reject/hang up upcoming phone calls, switch to a gaming mode, and play/pause or backward/forward the track.


In the final thought, we can regard the Haylou X1 Neo wireless earbuds to be on the superior side in terms of look and performance. The portable unit is likely to overtake the competition with a solid and unique design, 13mm dynamic drivers, IPX4 waterproof certification, and Bluetooth v5.3 chip. Overall, the earphones can be an accurate solution if you are looking for lightweight earbuds with good sound quality and a 0.06s low-latency gaming experience.

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