Halo Knight T107 Pro folding electric scooter review: Solid vehicle for tough journeys!

January 10, 2023


  • Strong and durable aluminum alloy chassis
  • High-capacity 60V 38.4Ah battery (up to 80KM range)
  • Powerful 3000W dual motors
  • Up to 95km/h maximum speed
  • Dual headlights and side indicators


  • Didn’t find

Halo Knight T107 Pro

The circuit of smart electric scooters is on the rise with the consistent involvement of high-tech vehicles in the global market. Halo Knight is also a notable brand with a good reputation and efficient products in the foil. Here we have the latest development by the manufacturer named T107 Pro to unearth its features and configurations. This guide will let readers go through the detailed inspection and examination of the electric scooter. Hopefully, it will help them in selecting the right pick among the fierce competition. Stay tuned!

Observing the rapid scan of highlighting features, the Halo Knight T107 Pro electric scooter comes to exhibit revolutionary and dominating qualities. It is particularly a solid development with a tough physique and several outstanding configurations. It is intentionally designed with a heavy build for complex environments and tough journeys. There is a duo of 3000W motors, dazzling lights, a 38.4Ah humongous battery, dual LED headlights, 50-degree angle climbing, 95km/h max speed, XOD hydraulic brakes, and an IPX4 waterproof rating.


Halo Knight T107 Pro folding electric scooter

Indubitably, the external appearance and build aesthetics of the Halo Knight electric scooter are absolutely unique in the market. It is a pure glimpse of toughness and solidity with high-strength metal materials. The foldable design is another mesmerizing prospect you might appreciate concerning the bike. Customers can see a heavy (47kg) chassis in the overall development, along with a stylish and captivating look.

Further, the electric scooter has been successful in showcasing a brilliantly assembled body. You will get tough, durable and solid profiles brought together using an aluminum alloy frame. The folding body will take no time to get a compact shape. It will measure 128x54x28cm in the folding stance. The front face boasts dual LED headlights that look more than sufficient to illuminate your paths in the dark. Unlike many other foldable scooters in the market, the T107 Pro hosts left and right indicator lights.

Solidity and uniqueness are fundamental principles!

In terms of load-bearing capacity, the vehicle gains the stamina and strength to accommodate a max payload of 200kg. On the foldable handle, you can notice numerous controlling arrangements, i.e., front light button, turn signal button, speed limit button, accelerator, smart display, volt lock with key, etc. The bottom panel musters 11” off-road tires decorated with hydraulic brakes. In the extended shape, the electric scooter measures 122x119x60cm.


LED Digital display

In the realm of toughness and durability, having an intelligent LED digital meter can work awesomely for improved journeys. It is another fascinating part of the vehicle to trigger high-level safety and informed traveling across all scenarios. The circular shape of the meter may amaze some users with its brighter and clearer surfaces.

LED digital instrument is something proficient and productive!

On the right side of the handlebar, the scooter sits a smart display for riders. It exhibits a circular design with a red-colored circle around the unit. The dedicated LED digital meter brings some great sorts of benefits for travelers. You will have regular monitoring of your journey since real-time data is provided on the go. Passengers will encompass a sparking riding experience with regular tracking of battery status, current speed, riding mode, mileage, etc. It will deliver the freedom to scan the data and adjust traveling as per requirements.


3000W brushless motor

There are not many electric scooter vehicles on the market with a dual-motor policy. Halo Knight has shown the potential and ability to develop a vehicle with higher stamina and competency. In its latest T107 Pro scooter, the brand has installed dual brushless motors to beat the competition in terms of speed, gradient climbing and other prospects.

Stringent dual motors will generate blistering riding!

Riders will see the scooter loading a proficient 3000W motor in each wheel. A couple of high-profile motors are pledged to generate strenuous performance on all occasions. It will overcome every tough situation with enormous power and up to 95km per hour of max speed. You will have three-speed gears – 35km/h, 65km/h, and 95km/h. While dealing with sloping surfaces, the scooter will gather the courage to conquer as higher as 50-degree gradient climbing.


Halo Knight T107 Pro folding electric scooter

The circuit of power is another reputed zone that adopts immense prominence in the context of overall performance. Halo Knight has again endeavored impressively by featuring the electric scooter with a high-endurance battery.

The long-lasting lithium battery will produce stress-free commuting!

In the power section, the folding electric scooter includes a 60V 38.4Ah lithium battery. We find only a few electric scooters in the market with that kind of power autonomy. Strength-wise, it is an immensely-powerful integration and can support your traveling up to 80km on every charge. Also, the unit will come with a range of safety features to generate unmatched performance.


Halo Knight T107 Pro folding electric scooter

Like many other departments, this section also snatches a top level of durability and rigidity to contribute to successful operations. The manufacturer has devoted integrated efforts and thought processes to accomplish something extraordinary through this electric scooter.

Off-road pneumatic tires add to comfortability and delight!

In the zone of wheels, riders of the Halo Knight scooter will witness tough and high-quality tires. It is a pair of 11” off-road pneumatic tires featured below the standing surface. Both tires are water-resistant and are efficient in offering a strong grip and impressive cushioning for amazing traveling on all road types. The braking capabilities of the scooter also exhibit the collaboration of advanced modules (XOD hydraulic and electric brake) for enhanced and safer commuting.


Summing up the Halo Knight T107 Pro electric scooter review, it is an ideal solution to meet tough journeys and adverse environments. With high-strength 6000W motor power and an efficient 38.4Ah battery, the vehicle looks no less than a powerful integration for a superior riding experience. It musters dual high-brightness headlights, indicators, an 80km range, 50° slope climbing ability, and 95km/h max speed. All in all, the foldable scooter is a full-fledged vehicle to cater to your daily commuting and adventurous riding.

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