1More Aero TWS Earbuds review: Cinematic 3D audio experience & 12 studio-grade EQs!

January 9, 2023


  • 10mm powerful dynamic drivers
  • 12 studio-grade EQ presets
  • Bluetooth v5.2 wireless connectivity
  • 6 inbuilt microphones
  • Up to 28h total battery life


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1More Aero Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have become fascinating choices amongst fanatic music lovers. Numerous brands and marketers have appeared in the market to toughen the competition more drastically. Among others, 1More also has an admirable reputation in the market with an impeccable product portfolio under custody. This guide musters the discussion to review the latest 1More Aero earphones for avid readers. It will endeavor to uncover its various efficiencies and drawbacks to help customers approach a reliable buying decision.

1More continues to revolutionize the earbuds domain by introducing top-class algorithms and relevant technologies. It is a prestigious brand competing in the market with a rich collection of audio products for its vast clientele. Now, the company has appeared with more innovative Areo TWS Earbuds to exhibit its skills and potential. The portable product comprises the Spatial Audio profile for a real-time cinematic experience, 10mm dynamic drivers, 12 studio-grade EQs, semi-in-ear design, smart loudness technology, QuietMax noise cancellation technology, and 6 inbuilt microphones.


1More Aero TWS Earbuds

It is always valuable to share relevant thoughts concerning the external look and build quality of the product. It conveys positive vibes to readers to get to the prime idea and make an informed buying decision. Coming to the main point, the 1More earbuds share a generous kind of personality with extended simplicity and harmonious texture. They come in a portable charging case with a smoothly openable lid.

Further, the unique physical build and style can be the talk of the town. During construction, the device utilizes durable ABS materials to obtain a lucrative appearance that looks elegantly professional and stylish. Earbuds will allow you to choose from dual (black and white) color options. The pair of buds reflect nice aesthetics with silicon ear tips and in-ear wearing design. The stem is slim with a sharp edge and magnetic charging pins inside.

Breath-taking design is fabulous in a portable physique!

The charging case also presents a pocket-friendly physique with the brand logo on the front. The Type-C interface slips to the bottom. Also, the IPX5 water-repellent profile will permit you to enjoy a stress-free gym and sudden downpours.

Sound quality

10mm custom drivers

The performance of Bluetooth wireless earbuds is highly appreciated by communities, thanks to an array of qualified configurations. It is the fundamental investigation users do while undergoing buying process. The availability of countless alternatives in the market solidifies the competition, but 1More Aero earbuds are likely to recover the driving seat efficiently.

Avid people will gain premium sound quality since earbuds install 10mm custom dynamic drivers. It is a potent mechanism to generate booming bass in collaboration with a diamond-like-carbon (DLC) diaphragm and ultra-high acoustic velocity. It will produce refined sound profiles with the reproduced frequencies. The earphones impart a balanced sound signature to bring a precise and natural sound precisely tuned by a 4-time Grammy award-winner, Luca Bignardi.

Dynamic drivers and multiple EQ presets bring more alluring profiles!

Furthermore, listeners will have access to the inbuilt Smart Loudness technology from Sonarworks. It compensates for the missing details across all frequencies to trigger the natural flow of the music. The real-time Spatial Audio with head-tracking modules will keep you in the center of the sound. Additionally, wireless earbuds come with 12 studio-grade EQ presets to make enjoyable playlists in the app.


Bluetooth v5.2

What is the main stride of 1More to support connectivity in the case of the Aero TWS earbuds? In terms of connectivity, the brand, like other wireless devices, shows dependability on the evergreen and efficient Bluetooth technology. It is a brilliant module to impart stable and seamless connections between your device and earbuds.

Bluetooth connectivity is resilient and dependable!

The 1More Aero earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth 5.2 chip with SBC/AAC codec. This profile is promised to deliver stable and faster data transmission within a circle of 10m around your connected device without compromising sound quality. More incredibly, the unit also showcases dual-device connectivity to permit you to switch between music, videos and calls more prominently and delightfully.


28hours battery life

Here is another solid and important segment to discuss. The power zone of the earbuds snatches attention comprehensively since it adopts the capability to produce larger working sessions.

The powerful battery offers lasting working sessions!

In the power circuit, the 1More Aero TWS Earbuds, along with the charging case, involve a durable and long-lasting battery. Collectively, they can generate and deliver up to 28h of playback time when ANC is disabled. You will get up to 20h playback time when ANC is activated. Significantly, users will enjoy 3h of listening time with just 15min charging. In addition to the Type-C port, the device supports Qi wireless charging as well.


1More Aero TWS Earbuds

In terms of control, the wireless earbuds configure an upgraded touch control module on the backside of each earbud. You can customize the mechanism via 1More Music App. It will make the control easier to adjust the volume, songs, phone calls, etc.

Touch control is accurate and fast!

Additionally, the device comes with the QuietMax and ANC noise cancellation technology. It includes a 6-mic structure as well as AI-powered Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithm to import more fascinating services.


It is no surprise that wireless earbuds are about to grab the market exponentially with the ever-growing number of users globally. The stylish 1More Aero earphones look no less than a milestone with a rich amalgamation of super-advanced technologies. It intends to profoundly support users’ music requirements with powerful 10mm dynamic drivers, Smart Loudness Technology, QuietMax noise cancellation technology, six inbuilt microphones, an AI-powered DNN algorithm, and a 28h battery life. All in all, the wireless headphone set is supposed to cater to listeners’ overall music & gaming needs intensely to be the hot deal of the day.

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  • High-quality build material looks elegant and durable, bringing a unique design with lightweight earbuds.
  • 10mm dynamic ...
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