Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Colorful Edition reached the crowdfunding goal ahead of schedule

January 4, 2023

Today Xiaomi sent a new product to its crowdfunding platform, Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Colorful Edition. It provides two versions of 10 inches and 13.5 inches. The crowdfunding prices are 59 yuan and 99 yuan, respectively ($8.57 and $14.38). Before the deadline, it reached 1118 people, while the crowdfunding amount exceeded 80,000 yuan ($11,618), and the crowdfunding goal was reached ahead of schedule.

Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Colorful Edition

Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Colorful Edition specs

The colorful version of the Mijia LCD Blackboard adopts a custom-made color liquid crystal film. It is divided into zones, showing colored lines in one stroke. It also supports pressure writing, and the thickness of the notes changes with force.

The top of the pen lightly touches the sensor area above the small blackboard. The screen can be cleared with one touch. The chute is used to hang the pen for storage. So the pen can be taken out smoothly. It uses a magnetic suction method making it hard to lose.

The small blackboard presents colors through the partition display function of the writing area. We mean the stylus itself does not support switching colors.

Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Colorful Edition

In terms of battery life, the Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Colorful Edition uses a zero-power LCD screen, which only consumes a small amount of power when the screen is cleared. If users clear it 100 times daily, the button battery can last 365 days.

In addition to the colorful version, the Mijia LCD Blackboard also provides two variants, the regular version, and the storage version. The price of the former starts at 49 yuan ($7.12), while the price of the latter is 329 yuan ($47.78).

Among them, the Mijia LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition has a built-in 121MB storage space, supports 400 pages of content storage, and can save written content locally with one key without the help of a smartphone. After connecting to a phone, it supports Xiaomi cloud disk backup.


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