Lenovo ERAZER L7 Wireless Gaming Headphone review: Triggering over-ear wearing and impressive bass effect!

January 4, 2023


  • Flexible flat-folding design
  • Larger 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 45-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth v5.1 wireless connectivity
  • ENC noise cancellation technology


  • No wired connectivity

Lenovo ERAZER L7

Wireless headsets are gaining popularity rapidly amidst the realm of advanced technology feasts. Lenovo is one of the prestigious manufacturers and exporters of technology-based devices. Over the years, the Chinese company has earned a great reputation in the domain of wireless headphones as well. Today, we are about to examine the Lenovo ERAZER L7 wireless gaming headphone to uncover every detail. It triggers an over-ear-wearing style along with 40mm dynamic drivers, a 400mAh battery and a flexible flat-folding design. Let’s dig deeper into the details!

Formed in 1984 in Beijing, Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers involved in the development and marketing of consumer and electronic products. It finds itself among the most reputed enterprises with consistent innovation and solid R&D capabilities. The comprehensive portfolio of the brand exhibits personal computers, software, consumer electronics, business solutions, computer & mobile accessories and more. Presently, Lenovo is striving successfully to manage operations in over 60 countries.

Design and construction

Lenovo ERAZER L7 Wireless Gaming Headphone

Comfortability and long-lasting wearing efficiency are some of the keynotes that buyers look for in a wireless headphones. Lenovo considers this thing with deeper concern and constructs the music player with closer proximity. The notable prospect to note is the feather-like lightweight physique and foldable design. Physically, it measures 230x90x250mm and feels pretty comfortable with 300g of weight.

Externally, the headset gives a nice visual of elegant aesthetics and a flexible body. Buyers will have two choices of colors – Black and White. The construction of the device is inspired by high-quality and durable ABS & metal materials. It triggers convivial wearing comfortability since the folding design is super convenient and pleasant with full-wrap ear cups.

The flexible design is great to see with full-wrap soft earcups!

The flexible auto-fit design will adapt to every head size to ensure a great experience. The full-wrap earcups are made of a soft, breathable sponge to ensure long-time wearing without pressure. There are also some functional buttons on the earcups, along with a Type-C charging interface.

Sound quality

Impressive bass and sound quality

Drastic competition can be witnessed among headphone manufacturers on the front of sound quality. Contemporary and advanced technologies are being executed to overtake the rush by producing state-of-the-art audio productions. Lenovo also stresses this property vigilantly and comes forward with some unique algorithms for enhanced sound systems.

Larger dynamic drivers strive to generate deeper bass and crispy highs!

In terms of the prime objective, the Lenovo wireless headphone demonstrates brilliant courage and offer impressive sound quality. It utilizes the high-bass 40mm, neodymium drivers in both headphones to trigger exceptional listening experiences for users. It is a good platform to serve listeners with low-frequency dynamic performance along with crispy and clear audio. Also, the unit optimizes mid and high frequencies to observe stunning bass and clear vocal reproduction for superior results.


Lenovo ERAZER L7 Wireless Gaming Headphone

The main emphasis of wireless headphones is to convey the perfect profile while making connections with the outer world. Similar to other siblings available in the market, Lenovo’s latest product also shows dependency on the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol to accommodate data transmission. It prevents you from accumulating any physical wire for connectivity and brings wireless connections with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity is reliable and seamless!

Furthermore, headphones promise to support individuals with seamless and stable connections within a diameter of 10 meters. The pairing will be faster and super easy, and users will confront low-latency connections for enhanced exposure to gaming.

Battery life

400mAh battery

Lenovo is superbly successful in creating electronic products with fascinating battery life. It derives innovative algorithms and tactics from deploying in its product range to produce enhanced working life. A similar approach can be observed by the company in the context of the Lenovo ERAZER L7 headphones. Users will grasp the good influence of the larger battery installed in the unit to cater to daily requirements.

A powerful battery is assigned for long-lasting usability!

While embracing the power segment of the headset, Lenovo strikes dedicatedly to get the high-strength battery pack in place. It encompasses a 400mAh battery in the power zone that looks capable of supporting daily power needs efficiently. What is the usage time after charging the battery to the 100% mark? Well, enthusiast people will come to capture up to 45h of music time before needing the next charge. Also, you will enjoy 45h call time on a single top-up. When it comes to charging, users will have the provision in the shape of a Type-C interface.

Noise cancellation

Lenovo ERAZER L7 Wireless Gaming Headphone

It is another notable front for headphone brands to compete on in the modern realms. With a view to revising user experience, manufacturers proceed to adopt innovative systems to let people enjoy phone calls without interruptions. This is what we call Noise Cancellation technology.

ENC noise cancellation is more innovative and productive!

The Lenovo ERAZER L7 headphones integrate one of the advanced chips to remove background noises to improve phone calls. It is pledged to trigger more elegant sounds and crystal-clear phone calls, thanks to the innovative ENC noise cancellation technology. This is a potent module that works actively to eliminate ambient sounds (up to 40dB) across noisy atmospheres. As a result, you will observe clearer voices and superior sound-quality calls, irrespective of combusted surroundings.


To sum up, Lenovo’s latest ERAZER L7 wireless gaming headphones cross a range of limits to be a proficient choice for avid music and gaming lovers. It shines with 40mm larger drivers to impress you with stunning sound output and powerful bass. The Bluetooth 5.1 chip will handle the job of wireless connectivity within a 10m diameter. Also, the 400mAh battery shows the dexterity to create up to 45h of music time on every top-up. Eventually, the wireless headphones look stringent to support your aspirations across different scenarios being the hot pick in the given price bracket.

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