Which Xiaomi wearables support blood oxygen detection

December 30, 2022

Smartwatches support many functions. They refer to categories – sports and health. Among them, recently, blood oxygen monitoring has attracted much attention. To this end, Xiaomi officially compiled a list of Xiaomi wearable products that support blood oxygen detection, covering two categories: watches and smartbands. By the way, the function includes all-day blood oxygen monitoring and abnormal blood oxygen reminders.

List of Xiaomi wearables with blood oxygen tracking onboard

As for the Xiaomi watches that support blood oxygen saturation detection, they include Xiaomi Watch S2, Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro, Xiaomi Watch S1, Xiaomi Watch Color 2, and Redmi Watch 3. They are priced at 1099 yuan ($157), 1499 yuan ($215), 899 yuan ($129), 699 yuan ($100), and 499 yuan ($72), respectively.

In terms of smartbands, the set includes the Mi Band 7, Mi Band 7 Pro, Redmi Band 2, and Mi Band 6. They are priced at 219 yuan ($31), 369 yuan ($53), and 159 yuan ($23), respectively.

blood oxygen detection

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has been removed from the stores. So the cheapest wearable product that supports blood oxygen monitoring is the Redmi Band 2.

By the way, it’s a brand new product released yesterday. It is the first Redmi fitness tracker that comes with blood oxygen saturation detection. It supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, all-day sleep monitoring, stress detection, and women’s health monitoring functions.

We should also note that according to the official introduction, the equipment mentioned above is not a medical device. The blood oxygen is for reference only, not as a basis for medical diagnosis. All-day blood oxygen saturation monitoring and low blood oxygen saturation reminders need to be turned on manually.

Lastly, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Redmi Watch 3, and Redmi Band 2 only support active blood oxygen detection. Whereas the Mi Watch Color 2 supports active blood oxygen detection and all-day blood oxygen monitoring.

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