Tronsmart Bang SE Speaker review: A compact package with enormous accomplishments!

December 28, 2022


  • IPX6 waterproof rating
  • Dual full-range driver units
  • Bluetooth v5.3 wireless connectivity
  • Powerful 4000mAh battery


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Tronsmart Bang SE

The Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth Speaker is a sleek portable music player. It is easily carried thanks to the shoulder strap. The wireless Bluetooth speaker has many different settings available. It has a waterproof body with an IPX6 rating, Bluetooth v5.3, dual EQ modes, a 40W maximum power output, three lighting modes, 24 hours of playback time, and stereo pairing.

Tronsmart was founded in 2013 and is based in the heart of Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, and among the most technologically innovative cities in the world. Tronsmart is a tech brand that designs and manufactures world-class tech accessories, which has rapidly expanded in America, South America, Europe, the Middle East & many Asian countries. The core value of Tronsmart is to make your life easier by providing you with high-tech, high-quality, and high-performance products.


Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth

The wireless speaker’s physical design demonstrates portability, lightweight, and elegance from every perspective. It has a beautiful, elegant appearance and a sturdy body that allows for carrying outside with a shoulder strap. The horizontal design looks wonderful with a handle referencing the company name on top. The Tronsmart speaker is 2.16kg in weight and measures 298×164.5×118.8mm in size.

Furthermore, the wireless speaker integrates an inbuilt handle along with a detachable shoulder strap. People will come to see several buttons placed in a row under the handle. They are aligned to meet various purposes, i.e., volume increase/decrease, song play/pause, power on/off, light mode and SoundPulse. All these buttons find the base on a strip design with round ends on both sides. They are super convenient to use and easy to press for the intended motive.

Portable and lightweight construction are convenient to carry!

Basically, the building structure of the device is like a horizontal cylinder with a metal grill on the front side to protect the speakers. It mentions the brand name on the front and the pair of speakers can be seen clearly. All in all, the portable music player seems appealing and remarkable with glorious build aesthetics and look.


Sound Pulse Technology

The built-in dual full-range driver units will provide enthusiasts with a higher level of performance in terms of sound quality. Rich bass and clear audio are claimed to be obtained by the 40W speakers with SoundPulse technology. With excellent audio profiles, you can create memorable moments during your party time.

Powerful dual speakers ensure deeper bass and larger sound!

Basically, Tronsmart manufactured the new Band SE speaker to use as an outdoor speaker or in big halls. The sound range is less than the previous version, but the speaker gets high bass and treble. The sound quality is not compromised in the speaker, thanks to the SoundPulse technology, which produces the perfect sound.


Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth

As far as the connectivity system is related, the portable speaker again endeavors to exhibit something more alluring and reliable. Similar to other wireless counterparts, Tronsmart deploys the Bluetooth 5.3 module in the Bang SE to accommodate connectivity concerns. This integration will act proficiently as a bridge when you attempt to create an invisible connection between the speaker and your phone. It is among the most reliable and dependable wireless technologies to initiate effective connectivity and stable data transmission. You’re likely to enjoy the services within a circle of 15 meters around the speaker.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity brings delight and stress-free functions!

The latest Bluetooth technology plays music, and users can make and receive calls on the speaker. One negative aspect of the speaker is that the company does not launch any of the applications to control. The TWS technology will able the speaker to connect to another speaker, which helps in producing more sound with two speakers.


4000mAh battery

A strong battery is snatched up by the Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth Speaker’s power supply to provide effective endurance. Depending on the illumination display and volume level, the 4000mAh battery can last users up to 24 hours. The battery can also be charged using the Type-C charging connection in about 5 hours.

Large-capacity battery never falls short of power and autonomy!

The larger capacity of the battery gives  15 hours of battery backup. While if you use the LEDs, it drops to 8 hours. The best part, which many users might like, is the auto shut-off feature, which means if the speaker is inactive for more than an hour, it will turn off automatically. At the same time, the charging time of the speaker is on the higher side, i.e., 4.5 hours. All you need is a USB-C charging cable that is standard now in all gadgets.


Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth

The wireless speaker gives you the freedom to continue your entertainment worry-free in the rain thanks to its IPX6 waterproof rating.

A waterproof body unlocks more freedom and entertainment!

This is reflected in practice by the fact that all connections are covered with silicone, and the operating buttons are made of soft plastic. It will survive spending time by the pool – but not immersion. In addition, it is not dust resistant, so be careful not to place it directly on the grains of sand at the beach today.


In verdict, the Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth Speaker looks simply phenomenal in the context of build, appearance and technical capabilities. It is a perfect destination to witness the impeccable sound quality, communication reliability, and connection rigidity together. The unit relies on the latest Bluetooth 5.3 for wireless connectivity, while the high bass audio is produced through 40W drivers. The SoundPulse mechanism is another valuable element for better outputs. Moreover, the portable and lightweight design extends the freedom to let you roam freely with your favorite tracks on the rock. Concluding, the wireless speaker could be an ideal choice for music lovers with a pocket-friendly price tag.

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