Hibrew H10A Espresso Machine review: 1450W coffee maker for all occasions!

January 4, 2023


  • Efficient 1450W-rated power
  • 19Bar high-pressure extraction
  • 1.8L Large water storage tank
  • Solid stainless-steel build


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Hibrew H10A Coffee Maker

There is rising demand for portable coffee makers. Their adaptability to many settings makes them a critical factor in the phenomenon, which is something we can observe. Our Hibrew H10A 1450W coffee maker is on the desk today as we work through this guide to conduct further research and get in-depth thoughts. With a 1.8L water tank, 19Bar high-pressure extraction, 1450W power, stainless-steel water storage boiler, and dual temperature control system, it is an excellent option for daily use.

The Hibrew H10A review will outline the product’s numerous benefits and drawbacks to aid clients in making an informed purchase decision. There was the establishment of Hibrew in 2016. This group of coffee lovers is more than simply a brand. 

Design and construction

Hibrew H10A Espresso Machine

The coffee maker exhibits an exquisite design and a sturdy body constructed of long-lasting stainless-steel elements on the outside in terms of construction quality. With a unified construction, it has an incredibly small body that makes it easy to handle and use. A rotating knob is located on the right side of the development’s front side. On the same side, we will also find the other buttons to start functioning the machine. 

 The stainless steel physique is more durable and sturdy!

The coffee maker’s first noticeable quality is its small and portable assembly. The coffee maker’s portable, lightweight body exhibits an upscale appearance in terms of construction. When assessing toughness and durability, sturdy stainless steel is the most important factor to take into account. Users will benefit from its incredibly small size and cohesive design to utilize it in any circumstance. The ultra-thin, strong, and elegant chassis made of stainless steel are also stylishly constructed from this material.


19bar high pressure

Additionally, the espresso maker emphasizes and uses a powerful 19Bar high-pressure extraction profile. In the world of coffee makers, it is a highly well-liked mechanism. For a full release of coffee flavor, users are ready to make more crema. Additionally, the immediate heating device is most likely to heat the water to precise and consistent temperatures. Customers may carry the item from one location to another due to its extremely low weight. Additionally, it generates a thick cream on top with an aroma in the air under 19 bar pressure for extraction.

 High-pressure extraction ensures better coffee every time!

The Hibrew H10A coffee maker also recognizes a fast heating element. The primary goal of this situation is to heat the water at a more consistent temperature. The constant heating of the machine will enable the users to make the coffee in minutes. Also, people will ultimately enjoy rich crema with enough pressure, which creates a fantastic espresso for the entire family.


1450W power

In terms of power, the Hibrew semi-automatic coffee maker has a 1450W-rated power setup. It can successfully manage operations while raising customer satisfaction. Thanks to the 1.8L water tank and stainless-steel water storage boiler, enthusiasts may benefit from a range of services. This versatile coffee maker also makes the perfect travel companion.

Higher power promises quicker and more powerful operations!

High-pressure extraction generates more crema, which consistently improves the taste of the coffee. People may notice a stronger stimulation of the pressure pump and other integrated components. The appliance also includes a water storage boiler made of stainless steel that provides quick heating and steady water temperature. The strong steam system aids users in creating dense, silky milk foam with more than 6% fat content. Also, another feature that helps new users when using the coffee maker is that it shuts down automatically when a problem occurs while using it.


Hibrew H10A Espresso Machine

Amazingly, those who enjoy espresso will also discover a novel innovation in the form of a potent steam system. The machine has a powerful steam foaming system with an improved 3-hole steam nozzle that produces dense foam twice as quickly.

An efficient steam foaming system is lucrative and productive!

The ability to steam milk for that frothy texture externally is a significant benefit of having an espresso maker with a steaming wand. The machine doesn’t have milk running inside of it, which reduces the amount of cleaning required after each use.


Hibrew H10A Espresso Machine

The dual-temperature control is featured in the Hibrew H10A espresso machine. To achieve effective results, users can regulate the steam and water temperature according to their requirements. The temperature will be automatically controlled, stopping when it gets too hot and preventing dry burn.

A dual temperature control system earns flexibility and delight!

The majority of the time, incidents involving broken electronic home appliances are reported. Some frequent problems people may experience include overheating and overcharging. However, to prevent a dry burn, the Hibrew H10A machine regulates the temperature automatically and shuts off at higher temperatures.


The Hibrew H10A espresso maker is a versatile device that is being used at home, at business, and for brewing coffee. It boasts a powerful extraction force, a sturdy metal body, and more water storage space. The Hibrew H10A coffee maker is a multifunctional device with several high-end functions. The stainless steel body is highly commended for being durable and long-lasting to improve the interior of your kitchen. It is the best option for the entire family because it can produce a range of coffee beverages. The review is intended to assist readers in selecting the best product for their needs. We commonly hear about incidents involving houses with malfunctioning technology. Overheating and overcharging are two common issues that consumers encounter. The Hibrew H10A gadget, However, the Hibrew H10A device automatically regulates the temperature and shuts off.

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