Geemax C2 folding treadmill review: Durable and compact at the same time!

December 27, 2022


  • Durable and foldable design
  • Powerful 3.0HP ultra-quiet motor
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker
  • Walking and Running Mode
  • 12km/h max speed


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Geemax C2 Treadmill

People started showing more health attentiveness when the COVID-19 pandemic came to sweep the world. The thoroughly-changed scenario brings numerous fresh and unique prospects forth, and home fitness is one of them. Several types of home-friendly gym & fitness equipment came into existence, and the treadmill machine is one of them. Today, we have such a product on the table to divulge its various features and technical specifications. It is an endeavor to let you examine the Geemax C2 treadmill review in detail to assist you in making the right buying decision eventually.

Geemax was conceived in 2020, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Amidst the dreadful onslaught of the virus, Geemax took charge of manufacturing, marketing and exporting foldable running machines. The latest Geemax C2 running machine musters a cumbersome of advanced configurations to revolutionize the fitness segment. It exhibits a powerful 3.0HP motor, shock-absorbing walking belt, 120kg load capacity, dual operational modes, and foldable design.


Geemax C2 folding Treadmill

When you come to buying home gym equipment, several kinds of queries are normal to knock your brain. Are treadmills heavy to lift? Do they need special maintenance? Are treadmill machines hard to assemble? Thankfully, no such case belongs to the in-hand Geemax folding treadmill machine. It is a simple and straightforward product to come with an elegant design and durable construction build. The foldable physique is the elementary highlight of the machine. It exhibits really lucrative and compact development with a stronger and high-strength chassis. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of the machine is up to 120kg.

Based on your physical condition and health requirements, you can use the treadmill in two ways – Walking Mode and Running Mode. On the front, users will come across an LED touch display panel that is deployed to support the functioning for enhanced productivity. The two-step quick folding design is superbly impressive in making the machine more compact and space-saving.

The foldable design and tough build are beneficial!

Another great thing about the product is its pre-assembled physique. It is ready to use after unboxing. Storing the machine will be convenient and you can push it under the sofa or bed using inbuilt wheels. The 6-layer running belt is shock absorption to trigger cushioning for muscles, joints and knees. Also, the armrest unit can be flipped up to 270 degrees as per user needs. In terms of physical measurement, the Geemax treadmill measures 103.7(h)x125.7(l)x71.8(w)cm.


Geemax C2 folding Treadmill

When you scrutinize the competition closely, you will most likely witness almost all treadmills installing a display touchscreen for an enhanced experience. The same profile can miss the place only in a few beginner-level developments. Having a display panel guarantees to double your excitement and energizes your fitness enthusiasm for improved results.

LED touchscreen is intuitive to bring personalized results!

Well, in the case of the Geemax C2, buyers will also grab an LED display panel integrated on the front. The display comes in a horizontal shape to look more vibrant and stylish in the context of the overall build of the machine. The touchscreen allows you to manage several things pretty effortlessly using a simple and high-precision touch control. It demonstrates real-time exercise information to magnify your experience with the machine. You can adjust the speed alongside consistent monitoring of the speed, pulse, distance, calories, time, etc.


Powerful Motor

Unlike traditional treadmills, the modern-age running-cum walking machines come equipped with powerful motors under the hood. This advanced module is tasked to produce efficient and improved functionality to support the intended fitness purposes of enthusiasts. Also, a motor performs impeccably to ensure the feasibility of using the machine across different modes as per requirements.

The powerful motor is efficient and reliable with good speed!

The Geemax C2 foldable treadmill involves a potent 3.0 HP motor to manage operations with more confidence. The notable factor about the motorized treadmill is that it creates ultra-quiet operations to keep the noise as low as 65 dB. Avid people will have the flexibility to enjoy the max speed of up to 12km per hour. They also can use the machine in either Walking Mode or Running Mode with 1-6km/h and 6-12km/h speeds, respectively.


Geemax C2 folding Treadmill

The manufacturer has also attempted thoughtfully to make the walking-cum running machine entertaining. Fitness exercise and music go hand-in-hand. As per psychologists, listening to your favorite music during physical exercise impacts positively and produces unbelievable results. This is the policy Geemax has deployed while assembling the foldable treadmill machine.

The inbuilt Bluetooth speaker adds more perks!

Things will go fervidly for fitness lovers since the Geemax C2 has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. It is a brilliant package with noble intentions to serve enthusiasts with their favorite playlists and quench their music thirst while exercising. With a stable wireless connection with a smartphone etc., you will enjoy your favorite songs and movies on the go.

Fitness App

Kinomap Fitness map

The Geemax C2 treadmill machine supports a dedicated mobile app – Kinomap Fitness App- to be more versatile and resourceful. It is an intuitive platform that allows users to manage things and fitness profiles on a larger screen.

The fitness app is multipurpose and smoother to use!

Further, the Kinomap app comprises several types of protocols to extend the usability and customization of the machine. It permits you to share your activities with others, watch racing and scenic videos, witness training courses, track workout data, etc.


It is safe to say that treadmill machines have successfully reserved a prominent status in the home fitness and wellness cultures. Amidst the ever-thriving fitness traits globally, these portable developments can do wonders for fitness lovers. The Geemax C2 treadmill keeps the same intention and musters a gorgeous range of advanced profiles. Foldability and toughness are top-notch highlights along with dual usage modes, 120kg load capacity, 3.0HP ultra-quiet motor and LED touch display. Summing up, the Geemax C2 running machine will be an ideal solution who are looking for a generous and budget-friendly fitness setup at home.

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