Nubia Z50 officially launched: It focuses on camera

December 30, 2022

Following the plan, today, Nubia launched its first smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. Apart from this, the device sports a brand-new 35mm custom optical system. It exceeds the 1-inch outsole. At the same time, the performance is smooth due to the new MyOS 13 system.

The Nubia Z50 features a hyperboloid screen, which provides an excellent grip. Also, it uses a punch-hole screen design. There are three colors to choose from 0 black, green, and light green.

Nubia Z50 camera

Also, the phone comes with a new generation of a 35mm custom optical system. It uses the best combination of a custom 35mm (equivalent focal length) main camera using a custom Sony IMX787 lens to achieve a light effect equivalent to a 1-inch outsole. The latter has a 64MP resolution. This sensor has more advantages than a 23mm lens in terms of night shooting, image quality, resolution, blur, and distortion control.

Nubia Z50 photo sample

The second lens is a 50MP ultra-wide-angle macro two-in-one sensor. The phone has fully upgraded computational photography. Now, it supports starry sky shooting, night scene algorithm, 4K time-lapse photography, multi-lens 8K video, etc.

Hardware and performance

The second-generation Snapdragon 8 is the latest flagship processor in the Qualcomm Snapdragon series. TSMC’s 4nm process has improved performance by 35% compared with the previous generation. In effect, the phone scores over 1.33 million points on AnTuTu.

As for gaming, the Nubia Z50 has been upgraded with the new Super Frame Stabilization 3.0. The latter has finer recognition of operations, more accurate temperature control, doubles the frame rate stability, and reduces power consumption by up to 15%. When tested with the Honor of Kings, it could achieve 120fps performance without fluctuation for 30 minutes.

Plus, this device sports LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 storage. The Nubia Z50 comes with a multi-dimensional heat dissipation design. It uses super large VC, diamond thermal gel, and other heat-dissipation materials with a total of ten layers. The total area is ​​36,462 square millimeters.

Nubia Z50 screen and more

The Nubia Z50 has another highlight: the 6.67-inch hyperboloid OLED screen. It has extremely narrow borders and a very attractive appearance. The display also has got UL eye protection certification.

There is a large 5000mAh battery, which supports 80W fast charging as well as power-saving technology. Through AI scene prediction, intelligent freezing, data alignment, and excellent control of peripheral connections, the daily battery life can reach 35.52 hours.

Nubia Z50

In terms of the system, the Nubia Z50 runs the MyOS 13 operating system. The main advantage is the lack of ads. Well, it’s not completely ad-free. But there are 15 basic applications, including calendar, weather, video, and others that do not display any ads.

Also, the phone sports a continuously variable speed technology. It increases the overall fluency of the system by 30%. Thus, it’s now smoother and easier to use than the previous version.

Finally, the phone is available with different storage combinations:

  • 2999 yuan for 8+128GB ($430);
  • 3399 yuan for 8+256GB ($487);
  • 3699 yuan for 12+256GB ($530);
  • 3999 yuan for 12+512GB ($573);
  • 5999 yuan for 16+1TB ($860).

The pre-sales will commence on December 23.

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