Xiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Earphones review: Simply stylish with modern build aesthetics!

December 18, 2022


  • 160mAh high-endurance battery
  • 43db flagship noise cancellation
  • LHDC 4.0 for superior sound quality
  • Bluetooth 5.2 wireless technology


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Xiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Headphones

The Xiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Earphones are a unique option with a gorgeous in-ear wearable style. The device supports 2.5D glazed glass technology in addition to a wider range of performance-focused options. The wireless headphones combine 43dB premium noise cancellation technology, twin charging connections, 20 hours of battery life, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

Beijing is home to the Chinese technology company Xiaomi. Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in April 2010, and it was the top smartphone maker in China in 2014. One of the top five smartphone suppliers in the world right now is Xiaomi. The Mi Series, Mi Note Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Mix Series, Mi NoteBook Series, Redmi Series, Blackshark, and Pocophone are some of Xiaomi’s smartphone models. There are around 291.6 million active users of Xiaomi’s MIUI updates. In addition to selling PCs, the firm also markets wearable technology, home appliances, mobile apps, and smart home devices.


Over the collar design

Design-wise, it’s a rather simple one. It has a traditional over-the-collar design with earphones on bendable cords. In addition to buttons for powering on and off and volume control, the device’s main body has a micro USB port for charging. The speaker net’s anti-blockage design prevents tiny particles from entering the device through the speaker net and helps keep the buds clear of wax, thanks to its anti-cerumen design. The neckband has been ergonomically engineered to fit comfortably around your neck and serves both sound and fashion purposes. Only 36g are present in the devices.

The portable design and lightweight build are remarkable!

Wireless earbuds are a great technical breakthrough composed of high-quality materials. It has 2.5D glazing glass technology and a variety of colors, including Blue, White, and Black. The in-ear wearing method is more relaxing and pleasant over time. A second cable is connected to a locket-shaped panel that holds the control mechanism using the same wire that connects the two earbuds. Earbuds for in-ear usage come with silicone ear tips.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation

Making phone conversations with the Xiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Earphones is quick and precise thanks to the dual-mic integration. It lowers background noises to achieve 43dB flagship noise reduction for better and easier calling.                      

The flagship noise cancellation system triggers more satisfaction!

In addition to active noise cancellation for better voice call quality, the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro is water resistant to IPX5 standards. The earphones’ use of Bluetooth 5 technology, which supports the SBC and AAC codecs and has 10mm dynamic drivers, enables connectivity. Even at this price and with this feature set, there is no justification for using the outdated standard; a USB Type-C port should have been used in its place instead. This is the only significant flaw in the specifications.


Xiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Earphones

The Bluetooth v5.2 mechanism works to support reliable connections and overall functionality. Within a 10-meter radius in an open area, it will be able to find and approach your Bluetooth device. It also includes several other protocols, including AVRCP, HFP, HSP, and A2DP.

Bluetooth connectivity offers stable and faster data transmission!

The connection is strong, but be aware that the set does not directly control the volume of your Android phone, and tracks do not stop when you insert the earbud magnets. You need to press a separate button to get there. The play/pause button on an iPhone is broken, which is a minor annoyance. Customers benefit from lip-sync-free audio and a better, quicker gaming experience due to the low-latency audio.

BatteryXiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Earphones

As long as the battery power is connected, each charge looks to be able to satisfy power demands for around 20 hours (ANC OFF) and 16 hours (ANC ON). A 160mAh battery is present in the middle to provide continuous activities. A Type-C gadget may be charged in around an hour.

Lithium battery ensures impressive work sessions on every charge!

Have you left your charger at home? Not to fear, the smartphone already has a 20-hour continuous music playback feature. While travelling to work and in transit, users may enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, high-intensity games, or movies without worrying about the games.


Xiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Earphones

Since the headphones are configured with a high-definition audio module compatible with LHDC 4.0, music lovers will experience superb audio quality. It makes a lot of effort to provide deeper bass in addition to offering crisp, clear audio. For better audio outputs, the sound profile includes metal rings and filters.

Powerful driving units generate deeper bass and crisp audio!

The additional bass may be enjoyed as it was intended to be with a 10mm strong bass drive. This set of Bluetooth earphones will give you the greatest bass experience, so pump up the tempo and fasten your seatbelt. The IPX5 splash and sweet proof rating ensures that you won’t miss out on listening to your favorite tunes wherever you are. The gadget is ideal for regular exercise like running, cycling, etc.


The Xiaomi LYXQ06WM Necklace Bluetooth Earphones are adaptable to meet a range of needs thanks to their wireless Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality audio, and extended battery life. With the Xiaomi Mi Neckband, we received exactly what we anticipated. These are incredibly cheap and provide good value. Functional design, dependable calling, a long-lasting battery, and the ANC are all included as extras. The main justification for anyone to consider purchasing them, though, is their reasonable cost. 

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  • The high-quality material ensures a durable and attractive design with a lightweight body to be suitable for all.
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