Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner review: Efficient cleaning with 4-filter mechanism!

December 28, 2022


  • Dual dirty and clean water tanks
  • One-touch self-cleaning system
  • Long-lasting 2200mAh battery
  • Flexible physique to clean hard-to-reach areas


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Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner sweeps, mops, and vacuums while rotating 90 degrees up and down to cover all surfaces. It is excellent equipment with a variety of performance-oriented specifications that will efficiently address your floor-cleaning needs. The unit has a 2200mAh battery, a flexible polymer roller brush, a 3400ml dirty water tank, a 3300ml clean water tank, one-touch self-cleaning, and a high-torque motor that makes it suitable for all types of floors.

A complete home appliance manufacturer that integrates R&D, production, and sales, the PROSCENIC team was established in 1998. When it first started out, PROSCENIC primarily provided services to Japanese home appliance manufacturers like Panasonic, Hitachi, Zojirushi, and Philips (focusing on the OEM/ODM integration of smart home products). Currently, PROSCENIC has engaged in the development of more than 20 products, including a robot vacuum, a cordless vacuum, an air fryer, a humidifier, a water flosser, and others. PROSCENIC has created its brand recognition in the realm of smart home goods while being heavily enmeshed in the house cleaning industry. Let’s dive into the review of the recently launched Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner.


Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

In terms of appearance and functionality, the handheld floor-care gadget appears better and more stringent. It has a cordless vertical design to fulfill a variety of cleaning scenarios on all floors kinds. The metal chassis is strong and flexible, allowing it to clean hard-to-reach spots efficiently. The top panel includes a handle, dual water tanks (dirty and clean), and a filtering system. The Proscenic cordless vacuum cleaner is only 2.35kg and measures 260x205x1150mm.

Further, the cordless vacuum cleaner is a heavy demonstration of multiple skills to support the cleaning procedures more efficiently. The handheld machine comprises touch button controls, a 3300ml clean water & a 3400ml dirty water compartment and a removable battery. The unit also supports a charging base with battery optimization properties. In terms of construction, the main body of the machine utilizes high-grade ABS/plastic materials to ensure durability.

ABS materials bring solidness and durability!

One of the key highlights is the flexible development to approach hard-to-reach areas. It can rotate 90 degrees up and down and 180 degrees left and right to ensure no corner is left untouched. All in all, the machine is fascinatingly suitable for all types of surfaces, including marble, tiles, wooden, parquet, and other floors.


4-stage filtration system

Handheld vacuum cleaners are fundamentally assembled to address diverse cleaning requirements. The Proscenic Washvac F16 also follows the same strategies to support users on several fronts. The top-notch consideration is the 3-in-1 functionality that allows individuals to enjoy mopping, vacuuming and sweeping. The flexible polymer brush is aligned strategically to remove stubborn debris with efficient gripping. Since the vacuum cleaner’s body can bend up to 90 degrees, you will clean the floor under the furniture effortlessly.

4-stage filtration is always more productive and helpful!

Furthermore, there are separate clean and dirty water tanks with a storage capacity of 3300ml and 3400ml, respectively. Both baskets can contain enough water to facilitate cleaning processes more efficiently. It comes with a P11 ANIMAL 4-stage filtration system to collect particles up to 99.99%. Thanks to 18W-rated power, the portable cleaner is all set to manage processes vigorously to be ideal for all floor types.


Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Every time you top off your battery for a thorough cleaning, you should experience lasting battery endurance. A 2200mAh battery can support operations for up to 60 minutes, according to the Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Due to battery optimization, the charging time is approximately 2.5 hours.

Long-lasting battery provides stretched working life!

The cordless vacuum cleaner has a dual-tank mechanism that allows it to perform well in all situations. It has a 3400ML tank for dirty water and a 3300ML tank for clean water. The two tanks can be removed and cleaned easily, enabling you to clean the entire house in one session.

One-touch self-cleaning

Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaning feature is even another remarkable one. The moment you set the machine on the cleaning station and push the self-cleaning button, it will begin removing the dirt, debris, and hair from the roller brush. A self-emptying vacuum actually takes that job out of your hands.

The self-cleaning button makes processes easier and smarter!

The larger dustbin that comes with the charging dock contains all the dust. The vacuum cleaner automatically goes to the station and removes all the dirt from the bin. The larger bin can store a large amount of dirt that is sufficient to manage the dirt for about two weeks. So the users do not have to dump their hands into the bin. This WashVac has a drive mechanism that automatically turns its wheel, so you do not need to push it back and forth when cleaning manually. The infrared sensor on its brush head can intelligently detect both wet spills and dry dirt and automatically adjust suction power and water volume to the optimal level in smart mode. 


With its larger dual tank capacity, powerful battery, adaptable design, and self-cleaning features, the Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner are ideal for daily floor cleaning. The gadget’s suitability for different types of floors is a major factor in its rising popularity. Due to the ease with which it can clean many kinds of smooth and hard floors, including parquet, marble, and other hard floors like tiles. Furthermore, the flexible polymer roller brushless aids in quicker water absorption and improved water entrapment. It may substantially increase grip and remove debris from crevices in an efficient manner. Overall, it is evident that the device’s performance makes it very appealing and full of features due to its lightweight and mopping, wiping, and cleaning capabilities.

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