Xiaomi released 2000MB/s mobile solid-stated drive

December 30, 2022

Recently, Xiaomi released a mobile solid-state drive with 1TB of storage. It went on crowdfunding through Xiaomi Mall, with a retail price of 799 yuan ($115) and a crowdfunding price of only 649 yuan ($93).

Xiaomi mobile solid-state drive specs

According to the official introduction, the sequential reading and writing speed of the hard disk can reach up to 2000MB/s. In simpler words, it will complete the transfer of a 30GB 4K high-definition movie in one minute.

Xiaomi mobile solid-state drive

However, the company did not announce the specific configuration. So we have no clue what components and main control it comes with. This made the Mi fans start discussions. According to the Q&A, the Xiaomi mobile solid-state drive uses Micron particles and a main control chip of Huirong.

However, we should note that the product manager revealed that, at present, it is only the first batch to use Micron. If product sales are hot in the future, other particles will be introduced to ensure the supply. The performance won’t suffer.

This is a “hard disk box” with a 2000MB/s high-speed transmission. Although you can DIY by yourself by purchasing SSD and hard disk enclosures, the price of achieving the same speed is still relatively high. So the Xiaomi mobile solid-state drive, as always, beats all of its competitors in terms of price-over-performance ratio.

Xiaomi mobile solid-state drive

Moreover, the design of this product is also outstanding. It adopts a light-colored aluminum alloy shell, which has been polished by fine sandblasting + anodizing process, giving consideration to both appearance and touch. This is what other manufacturers do not pay much attention to. We mean it’s a portable product. So users want it to be delicate in touch.

There is a USB Type-C interface. In addition to Windows computers, it also supports Apple Mac, Android phones, Linux Ubuntu systems, etc.

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