OPPO released its second chip, flagship Bluetooth SoC Mariana Y

December 30, 2022

In 2021, OPPO launched its first self-developed chip, the “Mariana X,” aimed at the imaging field. The company released its second self-developed chip at today’s OPPO Future Technology Conference: the flagship Bluetooth SoC “Mariana Y.”

Mariana Y highlights

The Mariana Y chip is the first to provide a 192kHz/24bit lossless audio wireless transmission. Also, it comes with the world’s first ultra-high-speed Bluetooth technology, with a maximum bandwidth of 12Mbps. That’s four times the traditional Bluetooth rate and 1.5 times the flagship platform Bluetooth rate.

OPPO Mariana Y

Apart from this, Mariana Y adopts the N6RF process. In other words, compared with the 16nm process currently used by mainstream RF chips, the N6RF technology is two generations ahead. It helps to increase the energy efficiency of RF transistors by 66% while reducing the size of RF transistors by 33%. The end-side dedicated NPU can bring 590 billion calculations per second. So the terminals powered by this chip will bring users the first sound separation technology on the earphone end side. It can realize “universal panoramic sound” similar to spatial audio. With the NPU unit of Mariana Y, even traditional binaural music can achieve the sound performance of panoramic sound space. So it can allow users to adjust the spatial position of different instruments according to their own experience.

OPPO Mariana Y

The Mariana Y also supports dynamic code rate adaptive technology. The latter can automatically and flexibly adjust the codec rate in the ultra-wide range of 80Kbps-10Mbps. So it will always provide stable and non-jamming data in shopping malls with complex signals or in quiet study rooms.

OPPO Mariana Y

We can look forward to the implementation effect of the Mariana Y chip on the new OPPO earphones. As you know, today, OPPO will host a new product launch conference, where it should release the OPPO Find N2 foldable, a new robot dog, and new earphones. That’s not difficult to guess that theOPPO Y will debut with these new earbuds.

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