Beelink SEi12 Mini PC review: Powerful processor with Windows 11

December 8, 2022


  • Windows 11 operating system
  • Efficient Intel Core i5-1235U processor
  • Multiple physical ports and Wi-Fi 6
  • 4K HD display projection


  • Did not find

Beelink SEi12

The newest addition to the lineup, the Beelink SEi12 Micro PC, is the first mini PC to use an Intel 12th-generation Alder Lake-U processor. The portable gadget is a well-known combination of numerous cutting-edge technologies to meet consumers’ diverse computer needs effectively. The computer has an Intel Core i5-1235U processor SoC, Windows 11 OS, 16GB/500GB of storage, Wi-Fi 6, and a chic square design. Consumers looking for a small personal computer for their regular computing tasks may find the recently released Beelink SEi12 to be the ideal option. It features an Intel i5-1235U processor, plenty of RAM, a quick PCIe4.0x4 SSD, and a licensed copy of Windows 11 Pro.

Beelink, a national high-tech company that was established in 2011, specializes in home entertainment products, including the DONGLE, BOX, remote control, game console, all-in-one, and MINI PC. A modest company with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Beelink produces smaller desktop PCs and tiny Android TV devices.

Design and construction

Beelink SEi12 MINI PC

The Beelink mini-PC has a portable structure and an attractive, glossy design in terms of appearance. It uses premium, long-lasting materials to produce a glossy surface. Along with low-temperature and shock-resistance operations, the design is small and light. The top panel is covered in felt, and there are multiple physical ports on the back. The Beelink portable PC is physically 12.6×11.3×4.2cm and weighs 1kg.           

Portable & square design is highly impressive in lightweight body!

Beelink is still working to make their goods’ designs better. The SEi12 is just stunning. Four of the six sides of its plastic chassis are vented, providing effective ventilation to keep the small PC stable and cool. High-quality felt cloth covers the majority of the perforated top panel, giving it an eye-catching and upscale appearance. In addition to being waterproof, the cloth used here is also fingerprint-resistant. The SEi model name and the Beelink branding are very subtly displayed in the bottom-right corner of the housing, perfectly blending in.


Full HD 4K display

In terms of the projected screen, lovers will visit to see HD 4K display to enjoy superb visual quality. There are various dedicated connectors for consumers to connect a device to the display and experience a classy performance. You will record top-tier video games, movies, and other entertainment.

4K HD screen offers good projection with enhanced quality!

4K HD display always triggers enormous advantages. It is a good surface to let enthusiasts enjoy high-end visuals across gaming and movie projections. Every prospect is enhanced with the optimum resolution so that people capture a superior level of display quality across all scenarios. Also, enhanced brightness levels are said to mount more flexibility while enjoying movies/games during the daytime.


Powerful Processor

In terms of the CPU department, the computer system configures the 12th-gen Intel i5-1235U chipset to provide a faster and more reliable performance. A maximum turbo frequency of 4.4GHz is available on the 10-core processor. In conjunction with Intel Iris Xe Graphics, the device will also produce stunning visual performance (1.20GHz). The computer configures 500GB SSD internal storage and 16GB (DDR4) random access memory.

Deca-core processing unit is faster and proficient!

The SEi12 significantly outperforms tiny PCs with Intel Tiger Lake quad-core processors in terms of CPU performance. It utterly destroyed the Intel i7-1165G7 NUC 11 Pro in Cinebench R23, scoring 42% more in multi-core and 11% more in single-core. In both subtests, it also easily defeated the Apple Mac mini and the Beelink SER5 Pro. Geekbench 5 evaluates the computer’s single-core and multi-core performance for a variety of tasks, including music playback, photo editing, and email checking.

Operating system

Beelink SEi12 MINI PC

The dual-fan integration sets up the most recent Windows 11 operating system in the software corridor. Unquestionably, the integrated platform performs better with high-end dynamics than Windows 10 and offers a smoother user interface.

Windows OS guarantees smoother interface and navigation!

A licensed edition of Windows 11 Pro is preinstalled on the Beelink SEi12, which, in comparison to Windows 10, offers a more aesthetically beautiful user interface, enhanced multiple desktops, built-in XBOX gaming, and greater security measures. You also receive a few additional IT and business functions because this version of Windows OS is the Pro Edition. The pre-installed third-party software and bloatware on this instance of Windows 11 Pro are likewise completely absent. You can install the Android subsystem on the SEi12 and run Android apps in addition to standard Windows software. The mini PC is also compatible with many other Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and others.


Beelink SEi12 MINI PC

The Beelink SEi12 Mini PC has a number of physical connectors for connectivity, as well as wireless modules. The system offers Wi-Fi 6 integration in addition to ports to assist networking and data transmission.

Wired and wireless modules strengthen connectivity affairs!

When it comes to connectivity, the SEi12 is on par with the other Beelink product lines for both excellent and average devices. The SEi12 has five USB ports in total, two USB 3.0 Type-A, one USB 3.0 Type-C, and two USB 2.0 Type-A, all of which are located on the front. Even though it makes perfect sense to keep the faster ports in the front, I don’t think the two USB ports on the back are enough, especially if this product is intended for productivity users who will need multimedia for online meetings.


With a powerful processor, more internal storage, numerous connectivity options, and the most recent OS, the Beelink SEi12 Mini PC is suitable for home and office use. The Beelink SEi12 is a completely tiny desktop computer. It can fit just about everywhere because of its compact size. For all kinds of external devices, there are several ports available. Along with effective cooling to keep it running all day steadily, the small PC also provides strong performance to handle routine computer tasks without lag.

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  • High-grade materials offer stylish and ergonomic design with lightweight aesthetics.
  • Windows 11 OS pledges marvelous user ...
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