Wemax Go Advanced Laser Projector review: Tiny portable FHD 1080p Projector

December 7, 2022


  • 1920x1080p high-resolution with up to 120″ size
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Horizontal and vertical keystone correction
  • 39Wh battery for 1.5h viewing time


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Wemax Go Advanced Laser Projector

Projectors used to appear like these enormous, monstrous machines that you mostly interacted with at movie theatres or if you had a home theatre room.  The Wemax Go Advanced Smart Laser Projector is a cutting-edge tool to meet your business and entertainment needs. The ALPD laser technology, 600 ANSI lumens, and built-in battery make it the ideal business companion. The portable device has a 1″ thickness and is incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor use. Other promising futures include smart operating systems, effective connection, and auto-screen calibration.

WEMAX is a technology firm with headquarters in New York to offer shared, immersive visual experiences everywhere you go. The company provides one-stop shopping for visual applications that are intelligently connected to your home or place of work, including ALPD laser projectors, portable projectors, LED projectors, and more. The Wemax Go Advanced is the world-first super-portable projector of its kind, with an elegant and sturdy structure that is as thin as one inch. It represents a significant advancement for the Wemax Go series in developing the thinnest projector in the world with unmatched performance.


Wemax Go Advanced Laser Projector

The smart laser projector is built with an ultra-slim body to make it suited for business excursions. The lightweight design has a thickness of less than an inch and features a shiny, beautiful finish. The primary projection lens is visible on the front, and there are several physical connectors on the rear. Additionally, it boasts a remarkable heat dissipation system and an original integrated stand that is concealed at the bottom. Overall, the Wemax laser projector looks fantastic despite its ultra-thin design (21x12x2cm) and weight of 800g.

Portable and convenient body is always charming!

This projector serves a very obvious purpose: to be transported from the meeting to the meeting by slipping it into a backpack or laptop bag. It’s 8.6 x 4.6 x 0.97-inch size confirms its compact size, and its 1.7 lbs weight is light enough that you won’t feel like you’re dragging about a heavy lump. Due to its thinness, it can fit into a side pocket of a laptop bag, and setup is quite quick, considering that only a power input and an HDMI input are required.


ALPD technology

In addition to ALPD laser technology, users will be able to record the DLP display. It can produce a 1920 x 1080p full HD picture projection with the help of a 709-color gamut, 700:1 contrast, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 100% REC. With a throw distance of 1.1m–3.2m, it will produce displays between 40” and 120”. The projector features initiate an intelligent screen alignment, an intelligent obstacle avoidance system, and a horizontal and vertical auto key-correction system.

Full HD resolution display projection promotes movie experience!

A tiny LED indicator light is located on top to let you know if the projector is active or on standby, and a little kickstand is included on the base in case you need to raise the image slightly. Again, auto-leveling will iron out any wrinkles, and that has always worked. The projector has an integrated speaker system on each end that delivers 2-watt audio, although the sound quality is not very good. 


3.5mm headphone jack

There are several physical connectors on the rear of the Wemax Go Advanced Smart Laser Projector. It has a USB, Type-C, HDMI, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting hard drives, gaming consoles, and other devices. The device also includes dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless connectivity features.

Multiple connectivity options extend flexibility and convenience!

Though we’ve talked a bit about inputs, around the back, you’ve got your power input which is USB Type-C, you’ve got an HDMI 2.0 input, a USB 2.0 Type-A if you want to play media from a hard drive or memory stick and finally a 3.5mm aux input for plugging in external audio devices or headphones. 


Wemax Go Advanced Laser Projector

The smart laser projector is expected to function admirably and offer exceptional productivity in all settings. It comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM and provides access to OTT programs like Netflix, YouTube, and Smart OS (Android 9.0). It produces low noise (less than 30dB) performance and optimal heat dissipation thanks to a curved flow channel and low airflow resistance.

Low-noise operations ensure sweeter movie exposure!

The native 1080p resolution of the Go Advanced projector is more than sufficient for the majority of corporate presentations and casual movie screenings. Wemax advertises “4K support” like many other projector manufacturers. Wemax also boasts about the projector’s 600 ANSI lumens, a measurement of brightness. The aforementioned Xgimi Elfin generates 800 ANSI lumens as a point of comparison.


Wemax Go Advanced Laser Projector

The cutting-edge laser projector also features a built-in 39Wh battery for increased versatility. The tablet has become a genuine travel companion for business users and presentations. With each charge, you should get around 1.5 hours of viewing time in the power-saving mode.

Inbuilt battery is more stunning with good life to support business trips!

The integrated rechargeable battery offers genuine mobility for on-the-go presentations, making it ideal for business users. Do not allow wires or power outlets to stop you! As I already mentioned, the battery enables nearly 1.5 hours of viewing in power-saving mode. If you require more, you can add a compatible power bank to your setup for virtually endless viewing.


In a nutshell, with its ultra-portable and lightweight design, long-lasting battery built-in, and efficient networking, the Wemax Go Advanced Smart Laser Projector is appropriate for both business and home entertainment. When compared to its size, it is rather bright. The compact size and gorgeous hue are both huge pluses. The Wemax Go is a fantastic portable option for anyone who enjoys viewing movies, playing video games, or who likes to rush from meeting room to meeting without messing with on-site technology.

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