Mibro GS Smartwatch review: GPS watch with AMOLED display

December 28, 2022


  • 460mAh battery with 24-day longer life
  • 1.43″ AMOLED HD display
  • 5ATM waterproof rating
  • 70 Sports Modes
  • Android & iOS compatibility


  • Did not find

Mibro GS

The concept of smart wrist wearables is no longer new to the technology world. Mibro is one of the prominent manufacturers in the domain with countless developments and innovations. The latest integration of the MIBRO GS watch arrives to improve the smartwatch’s appearance alongside elevating its hardware and functions. This is a detailed guide to review the Mibro GS smartwatch to uncover its specs and limitations to let customers approach a relevant buying decision.

One of the most significant and well-known manufacturers of smartwatches is Mibro; many sub-brands make up the ecosystem of the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. Following the success of the Mibro X1, the wristwatch company is returning with the Mibro GS watch. It has a 1.43-inch AMOLED display that makes it one of the market’s largest smartwatches. The unit configures several watch faces, Health & Fitness Functions, a built-in High-end GPS Chip, a 5ATM Waterproof, and many other features. The smartwatch’s overall look, hardware and functionality have been updated.



Let’s consider the exteriors and build quality first. The wristwatch successfully publishes a stronger physical construction and elegant look, thanks to its metal chassis and silicone straps. The wearable comes with a modern and ergonomic exterior with a round dial shape to be perfect for both men and women. On the right side of the main body, users will notice two physical buttons. The front face accommodates a 1.43″ screen in the circular dial profile. With a sensing unit at the bottom panel and a 56g weight, the 5ATM-rated device has a fashionable appearance. The Mibro smartwatch is 46.5×46.5×11.5mm in size.

The exquisite design looks fabulous in metal chassis!

Furthermore, the rugged smartwatch comprises a pair of silicon straps tagged on both sides. It is the best option for people who are allergic to leather straps. Along with this, we get the digital watch on the bottom of the dial. The overall construction and physique of the watch make it lightweight that feel comfortable on the wrist. On the back of the machine, it looks like an ordinary wearable with a plastic frame, charging pins and a heart rate sensor.


1.43-inch Screen

The display is something largely crucial to dominating the overall functionality and intention of the integration. The latest wrist wearable by Mibro adopts a perfect surface on the top to cater to a versatile range of requirements. There is a circular dial-shaped 1.43-inch super-retina AMOLED HD display. It extends a 466x466p resolution to enhance the overall visual appeal and color palette. It embraces the overall applicability by displaying the data and content in a clear and understandable way.

Excellent brightness and color sharpness offer more excitement!

One of the noticeable things about the device is that it has been upgraded from a regular TFT panel to an AMOLED panel. The prime factor is the high resolution and a high refresh rate. This is what makes the wristwatch a fabulous creation of the most recent smartwatches. Due to its size, high-end resolution, excellent brightness and color sharpness, it is one of the top touchscreens in this category. Additionally, the display area is magnified extensively by around 25% when the bezel is exceptionally thin.



The Mibro GS Watch looks impressive in terms of tracking capabilities. It is designed particularly to support the dedicated purposes of fitness enthusiasts and athletes. On the sensor chip, the wearable includes several health sensors and sports modes. To capture real-time fitness and health analysis, users will find a heart-rate sensor, sleep tracker, SpO2, and other valuable protocols. In addition to that, individuals will also have access to 70 sports modes. It encompasses GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, QZSS, and several other intelligent chips.

Several health & fitness trackers are more productive and efficient!

Well, the wearable will be a fantastic companion if you’re looking for a fitness smartwatch. It comes loaded with a reasonably reliable sensing unit to help you monitor your body and keep track of the sports you’re practicing. You will enjoy access to sports mode by clicking the sport button on the right side or by choosing the sports modes from the apps menu.


Bluetooth 5.0

In terms of connectivity, the Mibro wristwatch is compatible with Android and iOS platforms to maximize usability and productivity. It acknowledges Bluetooth 5.0, Sedentary Reminders, Alarm, Barometer, Step Count, Calorie Count, brightness adjustment, and other mechanisms to achieve high-end performance.

Android and iOS compatibility adds more flexibility and freedom!

Enthusiasts are likely to take advantage of many features of your Mibro GS. You must connect it to an app to extend productivity and overall value. The Mibro Fit app is recommended since it collects many useful features to keep you fit and healthy. It is compatible with Android and iOS, so you will need to download it on your mobile phone.



As far as the power compartment of the wearable is associated, it is another admirable circuit to take into consideration. The smart wearable’s power zone pledges to provide up to 24 days of battery life, thanks to the 460mAh battery. It is efficient due to its low power consumption and dual-core architecture. The larger inbuilt battery will meet power demands admirably.

Large-capacity battery with 24H life prevents frequent charging!

It is no secret that the battery in smartwatches is as crucial as the other features. Mibro GS’s battery life is simply phenomenal and it endeavors to quench daily power requirements with prominence. It executes the package smartly to produce up to 7 days of endurance in normal use and up to 5 days in heavy use. However, it depends on how many features you use, like GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Users will have the provision to charge it using a magnetic charger.


In a nutshell, the Mibro GS smartwatch looks stunning with a comprehensive portfolio of valuable features. It has amazing 5ATM water resistance, GPS, and an attractive design to woo men and women. If an AMOLED screen is important to you, you will definitely enjoy it. It will be tough to leave it off our list of the best affordable smartwatches in this category. It deviates from the norm in terms of screen, hardware, and even the new software, all of which were excellent. Furthermore, the versatile circular design, powerful battery, numerous health and sports modes, and waterproof metal body make the wearable favorite among both men and women.

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