Lenovo XT97 TWS earbuds review: Half-in-ear design and touch control panel!

December 8, 2022


  • 13mm copper ring horn drivers
  • Bluetooth v5.2 wireless connectivity
  • 5-hour music playback time
  • High-sensitive touch control
  • Stylish lighting effects


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Lenovo XT97

In this guide, we will drag readers through the detailed Lenovo XT97 earbuds review. With the inception of advanced technologies in this segment, Lenovo continues to embellish its product range more prominently to trigger great customer satisfaction. The latest involvement highlights integrated 13mm dynamic drivers with shocking subwoofer effects. The pocket-friendly physique comes with a half-in-ear wearing style, a 250mAh (case) battery, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Ultimately, the wireless earphones look impressive and fortuitous for their capabilities to derive extraordinary performance.

Established in Beijing in 1984 by a team of engineers, Lenovo is currently among the most admired and fortuned enterprises in the technology field. The multinational brand specializes in designing, manufacturing, and exporting a plethora of tech and business solutions worldwide. The portfolio involves personal computers, software, consumer electronics, business solutions, computer & mobile accessories, and more. Presently, Lenovo manages to operate in over 60 countries to sell products in approx. 180 nations. Various research centers of the company are situated in Beijing, Singapore, Shenzen, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Morrisville.


13mm Genuine copper ring

Overall, Lenovo earbuds reflect a simple yet elegant and stylish design in the portable physique. It will offer dual color options – Black and White. In terms of physical development, earbuds are pretty successful in offering ergonomic aesthetics in the portable ABS construction and sleek finish.  Users will experience the apex of creativity and innovation in the slim and circular body. Both earbuds appear remarkable in the half-in-ear design and show a little stem. It also depicts the brand name on it.

Ergonomic design aesthetics trigger a durable and glossy finish!

The charging case demonstrates a glossy texture in the oval-shaped physique. It is a compact integration with a slot in the middle to show an exuberating lighting system. The inbuilt magnet allows you to open and close the lid easily with one hand. Physically, the pocket-friendly Lenovo earbuds measure 80x30x50mm and weigh 120g. to be your true companion for adventures.

Sound Quality


In terms of audio performance, the Lenovo XT97 TWS earbuds can gain the next level of productivity. It brings superior stereo effects in addition to impeccable bass and high volume. Users will enjoy a full-range performance with a better sound stage thanks to the 13mm genuine copper ring composite membrane horn drivers.

Genuine copper drivers are meant to produce something unbelievable!

Overall, the music player will be able to support enthusiasts with deep bass, master-level tuning, and crispy audio. The pair features high-bass woofers to provide natural and smooth sounds of rock, pop as well as other sound rhythms. Additionally, the unit comprises AAC/SBC audio decoding so that listeners capture low latency for happy and enhanced leisure time.


Bluetooth V5.2 Version

The major talent and skill of any pair of wireless earbuds are reflected in something advanced module. Bluetooth technology continues to revolutionize this particular zone of wireless devices, and Lenovo also acknowledges the same. It configures the latest wireless earbuds with Bluetooth v5.2 technology to produce stable and powerful transmission.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity is stronger within a 10m radius!

The unit will proceed to generate excellent sound quality, lower delay, and smoother connectivity with the combination of high-profile drivers and the Bluetooth mechanism. The elementary motive is to deliver uninterrupted and stable connections within a 10m radius, even if thin walls come between you and your unit. Meanwhile, enthusiasts will face no hassle since earbuds are perfectly compatible with both Android (smartphones, tablets, laptops, tablets) and iOS-based gadgets.



The powerhouse of the Lenovo TWS earbuds is the next crucial element to discuss in this review. In fact, it is a significant integration in any wireless music player with no direct power supply system. Lenovo also contemplates this thing and strives to lodge a proficient battery pack for its latest earphones. The integrated 250mAh battery will compose the endurance and dexterity to meet the power requirements.

Powerful inbuilt battery is efficient and long-lasting!

It will require approx. 1.5 hours to snatch the power to the fullest mark before serving users with up to 5h music time and 4h call time. Each earbud, on the other hand, also carries a 30mAh battery separately to contribute to the whole autonomy.


LENOVO XT97 Earbuds

Controlling the functioning of Lenovo earbuds is pretty fascinating and effortless. It is a seamless experience to come across with the help of the inbuilt touch panel. When it comes to controlling operations, avid users will notice the inbuilt touch control panel comes with higher precision and sensitivity.

High-precision and sensitive touch control panel is effortless to use!

Further, the touch control panel offers higher response and touch sensitivity to let you proceed hassle-free. One can manage the volume level, tracks (backward/forward), voice assistant profiles, and other things conveniently.


It is safe to say that Lenovo XT97 TWS earbuds are a phenomenal composition of captivating design quality and high-end technical configurations. The domain of wireless earbuds has grown over the line with the inauguration of advanced sound drivers and noise cancellation profiles. Therefore, earbuds under consideration have also been successful in exhibiting a fine array of features. It will deliver music lovers everything they need to enjoy top-class sound quality and remarkable phone calling. Hopefully, you will have found the Lenovo XT97 earbuds review interesting and justifiable to make an informed buying decision.

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