Jimmy H10 Pro vacuum cleaner review: A powerful cleaning tool with richer package of accessories!

December 6, 2022


  • Smart LCD display for real-time information
  • 26000Pa strong suction power
  • 3000mAh battery for up to 90min endurance
  • 6 integrated LED headlights
  • Flexible & rotatable metal design


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Jimmy H10 Pro

One of the most potent wireless vacuum cleaners is here! Jimmy H10 Pro is a proficient cleaning machine with super technologies and efficiency. It is a multifunctional device to exhibit a range of performance-driven features to be the foremost choice of buyers. With multiple heads, 26K suction power, a 3000mAh battery, an LCD display, six LED headlights, an intelligent dust sensor, and several working modes, the portable equipment can manage cleaning tasks to generate unbelievable results. This is the in-depth review of the Jimmy H10 Pro vacuum cleaner to bring comprehensive details together!

The China-based technology enterprise Jimmy can be seen among pioneers in the world of electronic products. It dedicates to developing and exporting an extensive pool of high-tech products to enhance the quality of life of worldwide users. Its endeavors under KingClean Electric Co. Ltd. that strives to produce environment-friendly devices for more than 28 years. Also, it has been one of the biggest vacuum cleaner manufacturers on the planet for 18 years. It has demonstrated a fantastic array of work with over 800 R&D engineers. Jimmy continues relentlessly to assemble innovative floor care appliances using advanced technological modules and algorithms.

Design and construction


The assembly of the handheld cleaning machine is pretty attractive and unique with the flexible and foldable rod. It looks elegant both in terms of design and technicalities to mesmerize customers for good reasons. In the box, users will find the main engine, removable battery, motorized brush, slit nozzle, soft floor roller, silicone roller, extendable hose, and plenty of other accessories.

Physically, the cleaning equipment adopts a vertical build design with 6 different accessories to meet diverse cleaning scenarios. It uses high-grade metals and plastic to construct a durable and flexible physique to clean hard-to-reach areas without any soreness. There is a handle and a 0.6L dust cup on the top unit, along with a horizontal filtration system. The overall construction is of high quality with the typical interlocking mechanism. You’ll witness no annoyance while mounting or disassembling the electric broom and other accessories.

A handled and cordless physique offers more freedom and flexibility!

Furthermore, the wireless vacuum cleaner equips a smart LCD display as well as 6 LED headlights on the front to clean dark areas. The cleaning tool exhibits a rather low (8.6kg) weight to be convenient for cleaning walls or curtains. Overall, the vacuum cleaner triggers a good construction and look in the portable and handheld body.


Smart LCD Display

On the outer surface of the foldable rod, enthusiasts will notice a smart LCD screen just below the handle. Having a display meter is something great for acquiring the working information in real-time. Appearance-wise, the screen looks like a smart bracelet in a rectangular shape with circular edges.

LCD display panel is more intuitive and vibrant!

During operations, individuals will encompass important information concerning several crucial factors. You will check the power mode, error reminder, dust concentration, and other things to take better control of cleaning procedures.


JIMMY H10 Pro vacuum Cleaner

This segment is to showcase the real potential of the cleaning machine. The handheld device can be used in three different working modes – Eco, Turbo, and Max. It allows people to switch to the right mode as per cleaning requirements. The main source of motivation is the self-developed 650W brushless digital motor. It provides higher efficiency to attain the maximum suction power of up to 26000Pa.

Powerful suction power produces great results with three working modes!

The horizontal filtration system is another notable characteristic of the machine. It works passionately in collaboration with dual-cyclone technology to separate the dust from the air to reduce suction loss. Also, it can filter larger particles up to 99.99% to alleviate secondary air pollution. The integrated dust sensor can recognize the dust level of 4 different size particles. Users can rotate the flexible metal tube 90 degrees up and down to clean hard-to-reach spots.


Larger Battery

Here is the power section of the Jimmy H10 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner to astonish you with remarkable endurance. It is a dedicated package of power with several safety parameters to greatly improve convenience. The removable pack is an 8-piece 3000mAh battery to support diverse power requirements seamlessly.

Efficient battery pack with noteworthy endurance!

Every time you charge the machine, it will support cleaning operations for up to 90mins (Eco Mode), 29mins (Turbo Mode), and 17mins (Max Mode) without an electric floor head. Using the electric floor head, the battery will last for 60mins (Eco Mode), 22mins (Turbo Mode), and 12mins (Max Mode).



What about areas in the dark? The good news is that the machine accomplishes the solution for the same as well. It adjusts six integrated LED headlights on the floor brush head. Ultimately, users will register an impressive performance and leave no blind spots while using the cordless vacuuming machine.

LED headlights will illuminate darker areas for a great cleaning!

The panel lights up automatically when switched on. It will help you attend to darker areas under the table and bed etc., more confidently to bring extensive cleaning results.


Extensive technical evolutions have been seen in cordless vacuum cleaners over the recent few years. These portable developments have, indeed, revolutionized the overall phenomenon to make home cleaning much easier, more comfortable, and stress-free. The Jimmy H10 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner is also assigned with the same motive to support owners with perfect cleaning and higher satisfaction.

With 26K suction power, three working modes, an LCD display, and a powerful 3000mAh battery, the machine look highly persuasive to perform strenuous duties efficiently. The product is available on several online platforms for sale and comes with several cleaning tools for enhanced fertility. Hopefully, the comprehensive review of the Jimmy H10 Pro vacuum cleaner has assisted you in gaining deeper insights for a relevant buying decision.

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