HIMO C30R Max Bike review: Road racing electric bike with brushless motor

December 10, 2022


  • Rugged and durable metal chassis
  • 10Ah battery for longer life
  • High-speed 250W brushless motor
  • Dual-disc braking system


  •   No foldability

Himo C30R Max Bike

The bike guarantees a genuine riding experience on all terrains. It appears stylish and sturdy regarding configurations and the quality of the aluminum alloy metal used in its construction. Among its features are a 250W motor, 26” KENDA city tires, a 10Ah battery, a Shimano 9-speed transmission, a clever torque sensor, and an IPX7 waterproof chassis. The C30R introduces a hybrid bike frame’s performance, comfort, and more effective riding style to the world of e-bikes. You can protect your back and get the full recreational and communicating possibilities of your e-bike with the HIMO C30R. 

The well-known Chinese company HIMO, which belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem, mainly focuses on the production of quality electric bicycles, including e-bikes. Xiaomi was founded in 2010, launching its operating system and releasing its first electric bike in 2016. From that time till now, this company has been well-known for producing electric bikes.


Black and White display

Installing a digital meter has become the top priority of smart electric bike makers. The Himo bike also addresses enthusiasts with the perfect integration of an LED digital display to support their commuting through all situations. It is a brighter surface to show all the relevant data more vibrantly and clearly.

LED digital instrument conveys real-time information more passionately!

Since the bike has an LED panel on the handlebar, real-time riding information is readily available. The unit’s main goal is to give passengers real-time travel and a more convenient journey. Riders will benefit greatly from the handle display.  It displays the speed, battery life, riding mode, mileage, and other information. Another feature of the C30R  is the very neat-looking color display. It has the same functionality as your typical black-and-white display but is much more visually pleasing.


HIMO C30R Max Electric Bike

Let’s start with the design and building. The outside of the electric bike is incredibly distinctive and stylish, with many alluring possibilities. Hime is a well-known electric bike manufacturer with a big customer. The bike follows the same theme as their bikes, with a nice and understated metallic grey paint finish, internal cable routing, and mechanical brakes. Physically, it appears quite impressive with fabulous developments to trigger the right amount of confidence for efficient ridings.

Metal chassis is solid to be suitable for teenagers and adults!

There is a combination of various value-added technicalities and utilities. Its sturdy, durable aluminum alloy frame, with a 100kg load capacity, gives it quite an outstanding physical appearance. The vehicle’s 26” rubber-inflated wheels make it ideal for adults and teenagers. On the handle, it has a digital meter as well as various other useful components. The bike has an LED spotlight on the front to help with nighttime commuting. The Himo electric bike has dimensions of 153*58*112cm and weighs 18.6kg, respectively.


Longer Battery Life

Electric vehicles use a combination of motors and batteries to facilitate environmentally sustainable travel. The bike has a striking overall design. The battery is integrated into the frame, giving it a more natural appearance.

Lithium battery is more efficient with good autonomy for distant commuting!

Thanks to the built-in 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery, the Himo C30R max electric bike has the endurance to make your journey up to 80 km easier. It’s a beautiful combo that promotes safer and more comfortable riding, so you get amazing mileage on every charge. More interestingly, the bike needs five hours to charge. The battery is built into the body to avoid sun and rain and prolong battery life.


HIMO C30R Max Electric Bike

Riders will once more have the opportunity to witness something amazing in the rear wheelbase. To accommodate the bike’s total performance, it configures a high-speed 250W inner motor. It features strong torque, low noise operation, and cutting-edge helical bipolar speed change technology.

A high-speed motor is a key to producing confident journeys!

It can reach a top speed of 25 km/h. One thing that sets the C30R  apart from other models is the torque-sensing pedal assist which helps measure rider pedaling force through the pedal cranks and provides smooth as well as intuitive assist. This kind of assistance helps with overall motor efficiency and will ensure optimum battery range. The motor successfully supports overall operations to handle difficult and demanding circumstances. 


Rugged Tires

It’s nice to see that the electric scooter has a set of sturdy and long-lasting tires. The tough electric bike has two 26-inch rubber inflatable wheels on the bottom. The pair can handle a variety of road conditions and terrains thanks to their strength, durability, and efficiency. A dual-disc brake system and the Shimano 9-speed gear transmission are also included. Every aspect of it is designed to provide riders with an excellent experience.

Tough and durable tires are perfect for rough terrains!

For a long service life, the pair of tires contains several useful qualities, such as wear resistance, anti-skid, and anti-slip. Additionally, the Shimano 9-speed allows you to downshift to an existing smaller cog at high speeds and shift to a larger cog that already exists for uphill riding. You can choose the appropriate speed for your journey using the pedal-assist system in conjunction.


For local transportation, Himo  C30R Max Electric Bike is a wonderful choice. To encourage an incredibly convenient riding experience, the bike is wonderfully designed and filled with cutting-edge configuration. It recognizes a 250W motor, an extended battery life, an LED instrument, dual brakes, and 26-inch tires. This is one of the best electric scooters on the market for individuals seeking a modern, feature-rich device that is inexpensive.  Overall, it appears that the bike effectively satisfies consumer-diverse riding needs. Here, we examine why electric bikes can create a completely new realm of opportunities in this market that is still expanding. In the beginning, the bike was aimed at the consumer market, which proved very popular because they are lightweight.

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  • The rugged aluminum alloy frame ensures durability and toughness, supporting up to 100kg.
  • An attractive LCD digital meter ...
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