ADO A26S XE Bike review: Urban electric bike for women

December 10, 2022


  • Powerful 250W brushless DC motor                                                  
  • Long-lasting 10.4Ah battery
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission
  • Solid metal physique
  • IP67 waterproof body


  • No folding design

ADO A26S XE Electric Bike

Foldable bicycles are becoming more and more popular. As a result, more and more people are using folding bikes as a substitute for automobiles. They are less expensive, making them more convenient for bike lovers. The ADO A26S XE Electric Bike, which was just released, has several benefits, which will be covered in this post. Excellent riding experiences on all types of routes are what the ADO A26S XE Electric Bike promises to deliver. It is made of a sturdy metal alloy made of aluminum and supports several performance-focused features. The vehicle is acknowledged to have a 250W motor, 26″ CST tires, a 10.4Ah battery, an HD LCD waterproof display, a Shimano 7-speed transmission, and a dual-disc brake system. 

ADO is a well-known electric bike manufacturer in Berlin, Germany. The company’s primary goal is to give customers an exceptional driving experience everywhere in the world. The business has always been dedicated to becoming a partner in urban living that enhances the customer’s urban transportation experience. The ADO aims to build an electric cycling community brimming with love and progress, allowing riders to realize their potential fully.


ADO A26S XE Bike

Let’s start with the display. An LCD dashboard with greater brightness is found in the ADO A26S XE Electric Bike’s cockpit. The information is simple to read during the day, allowing you to confirm that you have selected the right riding mode. The handle display is very helpful for passengers. It gives enthusiastic motorcyclists access to a variety of information while they are on the road. An HD digital meter on the handle and an LED flashlight on the front support night commuting.

HD LCD screen intends to support route-monitoring like pro!

Furthermore, thanks to an integrated LCD panel built into the handlebar, users can monitor their riding statistics regularly. The digital meter is a dedicated device that offers consumers important information. You can commute with confidence because it shows the battery state, current speed, riding mode, and mileage, among other things. Moreover, the LCD panel is IP67-rated which protects it during bad weather.


120kg load capacity

Its appearance is unaffected by the battery box; besides being lighter, it is identical to other bicycles. The bike has an LCD meter located on the handlebar and a brighter headlamp. Despite not having a collapsible chassis, the robust aluminum alloy frame support 120kg of weight. 

Metal frame is durable and solid with good payload capacity!

The bike’s 26″ rubber fat tires make it the perfect choice for adults and teenagers. For commuting at night, there is an LED flashlight on the front and an HD digital meter on the handle. The Ado electric bike measures 186x23x111cm and weighs 23.3kg, respectively. Several value-added technologies are built on top of the foldable bike.


80KM mileage

The battery in the device enables ecologically friendly travel. The bike looks extremely robust and beautiful in its black and grey color scheme. The electric bike’s engine can handle excursions of up to 80 kilometers while in power-assist mode.

High-power battery means break-less commuting!

The entire mechanics of the bike can be attributed to the integrated 36V 10.4Ah Li-ion battery, which includes various safety mechanisms. To obtain more mileage out of each charge, promoting safer and more comfortable riding is preferable. The battery has a short circuit and over-charge protection, so users can charge it overnight without worrying about overcharging. 


ADO A26S XE Bike

According to the motor consideration, there is a magnificent sight to witness in the back wheelbase. People would adore it because the component is strong enough to create efficient riding and power output. The efficient folding vehicle motor serves as its creative source of power and energy. It successfully helps overall operations when coping with difficult and demanding situations.

Brushless motor ensures to support tough travels on angling terrains!

The rear wheelbase once more provides an amazing sight. A 250W high-speed brushless DC motor is added to the vehicle to enhance comfort and performance. It can operate silently and generate a strong 41 nm of torque. Riders are capable of traveling at a top speed of 25 km/h.


ADO A26S XE Bike

For the ADO A26S XE Electric Bike, we can also use a set of 26 x 1.95-inch rubber pneumatic tires with a French gas nozzle. Because they are powerful and efficient, the pair can confidently withstand a range of road conditions.

Pneumatic tires are worthful to combat critical road conditions!

The Shimano 7-speed gear transmission system and dual-disc brakes are also there, allowing you to downshift to a smaller cog already in place at fast speeds and shift to a larger cog already in place for uphill riding. Moreover, utilizing the G-drive pedal-assist system, you may select the right speed for your travel.


Here, we examine how the still-expanding market for electric bikes can open up a completely new world of opportunities. Due to their lightweight, portability, and ability to fold and transport on buses, trains, or even stored away in a bike’s trunk, the bike was initially designed with the consumer market in mind. The ADO A26S XE Electric Bike also comes with a fast motor, a long-lasting battery, a clever LED display, and a sturdy aluminum alloy body, making it ideal for local commuting. The bike’s design makes it lightweight, and the small design helps to get it in small spaces. An incredibly economical option is the ADO A26S XE Electric Bike.

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