Mijia Cleaning and Mopping Robot 2 Pro available for booking

December 4, 2022

Xiaomi is among those brands that know how to make good products in many categories. As a result, our favorite brand has already designed and manufactured products in more than 600 categories. When talking about non-smartphone products of this company, we should pay special attention to smart home appliances. In this regard, the Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are another topic of conversation. Today, the company’s new product, the Mijia Cleaning and Mopping Robot 2 Pro went on pre-sale for 2,799 yuan ($398). It will go on sale on December 12.

Mijia Cleaning and Mopping Robot 2 Pro

Mijia Cleaning and Mopping Robot 2 Pro specs

The Mijia Cleaning and Mopping Robot 2 Pro has a dual-line laser perception obstacle avoidance function. Due to it, the vacuum cleaner can accurately identify the outline of obstacles and can also reduce collisions in low-light environments.

At the same time, this product supports intelligent laser navigation. Through it, the robot makes a 360° scanning of the indoor environment and rapidly makes a map that allows it to precisely plan the route. You can see the route and make adjustments with a single click in the Mijia app.

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In terms of cleaning, the Mijia Cleaning and Mopping vacuum cleaner 2 Pro supports automatic loading and unloading without complicated operations such as changing water and pouring water. It also supports various functions such as automatic washing of rags, 2-hour hot air drying, and automatic addition of detergent for sterilization.

The fan’s suction power reaches 4000Pa and supports double-rotation booster mopping. It realizes intelligent water volume control, mop lifting, and carpet recognition.

Of course, our protagonist supports remote control through voice commands and Mijia app operations. You can link the vacuum cleaner with Xiaomi smart devices. Say, when you leave the house, it can start cleaning the rooms.

It’s naïve to say this is a top-end product, but you will get acceptable performance for this price.

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