Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 launched for 799 yuan ($113)

December 2, 2022

Xiaomi has released many smart door locks previously. The one launched today belongs to the category of affordable smart door locks. We are talking about the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10, which comes with a variety of convenient unlocking methods and a low-price tag.

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Xiaomi smart door lock E10 selling points

There are several unlocking methods, such as fingerprints, long-term passwords, cycle/one-time passwords, NFC, Bluetooth keys, Xiaomi smartwatches, and Xiaomi bands. Apart from this, there is also an integrated semiconductor fingerprint identification module with higher security. It is placed in the smart door lock handle to accurately identify fingerprint information. Plus, it has an accuracy rate of 99% and operates within 0.5 seconds.

Xiaomi smart door lock E10

The door lock also has a smart doorbell. When someone actively presses the door lock / doorbell, it will beep. Moreover, you will get a notification on your phone via the Mijia app.

Like other Xiaomi smart door locks, this one can be linked with other smart home products too. In effect, when you open the door, various smart home appliances will commence working: the lights will be turned on; the conditioner will start working; the smart cleaner will start sweeping, etc.

Though the price is low, we are dealing with a three-proof smart door lock. The clutch is built into the smart lock body. It has an in-line C-level lock cylinder that runs through the lock body structure. In effect, it can more effectively prevent the door from being opened directly after the outer panel is removed by an external force. At the same time, there is a built-in smart sensor in the lock body, which can accurately monitor the state of the door’s false opening and remind you in time.

Xiaomi smart door lock E10

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 provides 12 months of ultra-long battery life through 4 AA batteries. However, if it has no power to operate, you can use a power bank.

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