Xiaomi Buds 4 to have at least three colorways

November 28, 2022

Xiaomi issued a statement saying it would host a new product launch conference on December 1. At the event, the manufacturer will uncover not only the much-discussed Xiaomi Mi 13 series of flagship smartphones but also several other products. Among them, we can mention the new generation of semi-in-ear flagship noise-canceling headphones called the Xiaomi Buds 4.

Today, Xiaomi revealed some details concerning these headphones. For instance, it said that the TWS earphones would be available in three colorways: wilderness green, Salt Lake white, and moon shadow black.

The wilderness green color variant differs from the others due to its bright appearance. The charging box adopts a pebble-like splicing design, and the upper part is specially treated with a glossy metal surface.

Generally, the design of the new product is similar to that of the Mi Buds 4 Pro released by Xiaomi in August. The ear handle is also treated with a bright surface, giving people a sense of elegance. However, the previous generation only has two colors: gold and black.

At present, Xiaomi has not officially announced the specific parameters of the new earphones. But we guess that compared with the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro, there might be some downgrades, making them more affordable.

As for the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro, the latter supports adaptive dynamic noise reduction. By the way, the noise reduction depth reaches 48dB, whereas the noise reduction width is 4000Hz. It supports adaptive 3-speed automatic adjustment. In other words, it can automatically recognize the environment and intelligently adjust the noise reduction depth. We are sure the upcoming earphones will be able to inherit the excellent performance of its predecessor in terms of noise reduction.

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

According to 91mobiles, these earphones will cost 600 yuan, which converts to $83.

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