Xiaomi Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch review: An affordable fitness tracker with multisport capabilities!

November 28, 2022


  • Aviation-grade titanium metal chassis
  • 500mAh battery for 14-day endurance
  • Smart Zepp Coach training algorithm
  • 20ATM waterproof rating for swimming
  • Multiple fitness trackers & sports modes


  • Screen-locking

Xiaomi Amazfit Falcon

Fitness enthusiasts come across several players when it comes to buying a multisport GPS wearable. There are high-end smartwatches on the market with a relatively great package of specs to make the deal worthwhile. The Xiaomi Amazfit Falcon is one of them to lead the scene with a budget-friendly price tag. With a phenomenal composition of high-tech configurations, the wrist wearable is likely to be your perfect fitness trainer. This guide will drag you through the detailed Amazfit Falcon smartwatch review to consider the in-depth nitty-gritty of the device.

Amazfit was established in 2015 and is currently one of the leading smart wristwatch makers globally. It continues to assemble and export high-end wearables loaded with advanced health & fitness tracking algorithms. Also, Amazfit is a port of a health technology company, Zepp Health. The organization has achieved superiority in the domain by introducing a range of smartwatches and bands. Users from across the globe admire Amazfit products for the quality and satisfaction they extract. Amazfit supplies products in more than 90 nations across EMEA, the Americas, and APAC regions.

Appearance and build

Xiaomi Amazfit Falcon smartwatch

Indeed, it is imperative to share some words about the physical construction and look of the wearable before we lean toward the technical prospects. Physically, the smartwatch looks stunningly beautiful and appealing with a sleek and glossy circular dial design. It is successful in wooing customers with premium build quality to be suitable for both men and women. The chassis is brought to shape using high-strength titanium metal that triggers toughness and stylish construction.

The circular dial design seems gorgeous from every angle, with four functional buttons, two on each side. The aircraft-grade material is resistant to corrosion to ensure you enjoy durability and style together. Several screws can be seen on the front to keep the chassis adjusted with the 1.28” display. It boasts Sapphire Crystal Glass protection on the top. Further, the liquid silicone 22mm straps are meant to be lightweight, breathable, and captivating with a titanium buckle.

Aviation-grade build material will offer sturdiness and durability!

Moreover, the 20 ATM waterproof rating will allow you to wear the watch when you swim or participate in high-speed water sports. The physical dimensions of the wristwatch are 49.45×47.2×12.95mm, and it weighs 64g.


1.28-inch AMOLED display

Shifting to the front panel, the smartwatch follows the traditional philosophy of placing a circular display. Like with many wearable counterparts available on the market, people will come across a 1.28-inch larger color touch display in the circular shape dial. It gives an elegant look in the middle with the Sapphire Crystal Glass protection and anti-fingerprint coating. The always-on display lights up with a flick of the wrist and gets ready to serve you for the next session. The overall presentation is brilliant, with metal bezels surrounding the glass.

AMOLED touchscreen is more vibrant and stylish in circular shape!

In terms of capabilities, the AMOLED display is likely to cover additional miles to be more fruitful for enthusiast users. It offers good brightness with up to 1000nits and delivers 416x416p resolution as well as 326 PPI pixels density. The anti-fingerprint coating will prevent fingerprint marks on the screen to keep it fresh and more vibrant. However, the screen-locking feature may annoy you during workouts.

Sports modes & fitness trackers

Sports modes & Fitness

The Amazfit Falcon watch endeavors successfully to cater to different health and fitness requirements of avid people. It adopts a fantastic combination of multiple health, sports, and fitness tracking algorithms to pose tough competition in the market. The most prominent thing to mention about the watch in this regard is the Zepp Coach. It is a smart training algorithm introduced by Amazfit in collaboration with its partner Zepp Health. This training technology provides AI-based workout recommendations based on your experience and physical strength.

Facilitate your fitness and sports performance with technology!

In terms of sports modes, the wearable brings more than 150 modes to guide you across different sports. Whether it is high-speed water sports or golf, you’ll find a dedicated mode for each game. At the same time, the wrist wearable is also able to track your health in several prospects. It assists 24/7 health management, including 24h heart-rate monitoring, SpO2 assessment, stress monitoring, and other tracking algorithms. Furthermore, the watch can be connected to external workout devices to take a professional approach to your training.


Xiaomi Amazfit Falcon smartwatch

The power compartment of the device is another consideration to add more comfort and satisfaction. Officially, the wristwatch shows the endurance to support your goals by serving you up to 14-day of on a single charge. In the zone, it accommodates a 500mAh battery to support operations.

Powerful battery for long-lasting operations!

When you have a battery at full capacity, it will run the device for 14 days on typical usage. However, in the heavy usage and battery saver mode, you will enjoy 7-day and 30-day endurance, respectively. It supports a 5-pin plug charger to refill the pack.


Larger battery

How can you connect the Amazfit Falcon smartwatch to the outer world? Well, the device is supportive across several scenarios in this context. It comes with precise dual-band positioning with 6 satellite positioning systems. Accurate GPS tracking with lead you through unknown streets and areas with high buildings and tall trees. Importing a route file from the Zepp App will give you real-time navigation.

Likewise, the wearable acknowledges the Zepp OS to trigger a specifically tailored smartwatch UI, smooth animations, and intuitive interactions. Users will come to see accelerator, geomagnetic, and gyroscope sensors along with a barometer altimeter. The smartwatch is compatible with Android (7.0 or later) and iOS (12.0 or later) platforms and advocates Bluetooth 5.0 and WLAN 2.4GHz.

Comprehensive connectivity unlocks endless possibilities!

In other facilities, the Amazfit Falcon has 4GB local storage, a Sedentary Reminder, DND mode, Flashlight, Music Control, World Clock, Weather, Stopwatch, Alarm Clock, Compass, Calendar, Find Phone, etc.


Needless to say, the Xiaomi Amazfit Falcon smartwatch is a tough competitor to the likes of top-end multisport wrist wearables from several brands. The budget-friendly price tag is relatively affordable in the market that attracts buyers pretty significantly. In terms of specs, the wearable adopts strong & accurate GPS tracking, premium build materials, over 150 sports modes, a 20ATM waterproof rating, multiple health-driven trackers, 14-day battery life, and power-efficient Zepp OS. Given the whole scenario, the Amazfit Falcon will be an appropriate choice for those who are looking for an affordable multisport device in this price bracket.

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  • A titanium unibody case with silicone straps constructs a sturdy and attractive circular dial design with sapphire crystal glass.
  • ...
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